To the Editor: 

Thank to Monroe County first responders and my neighbors who helped look for my husband, who has Alzheimers, on Monday when he wandered away from our Montpelier Road home. I can’t say enough good things about our county and how great they all are! My neighbors dropped everything and searched before I called the sheriff’s office when we couldn’t locate him. There are a lot of ponds and rough terrain around our home so I was very concerned. It was also getting late in the day and he was not dressed for the cold, wearing pajama pants and a T shirt. Luckily after about two hours he found his way back to the road and is home safe. He was very scratched up and bruised, lost one shoe and may have fallen and sprained his ankle. But he is so lucky he only had minor injuries it could have been tragically different! Thank God he is home and safe!

Judy Kirkwood