Don Daniel

My counting elevators in the city was off by two as several readers pointed out, two more than the four I counted bringing the count up to six. I was informed there is one in the Baptist Church intended to carry coffins up to the sanctuary. There are a lot steps going up the sanctuary from the front door. This is the way a reader commented: “I believe we installed the elevator in in 2004. It is a hospital size elevator that is wide and deep enough to carry a large coffin up the sanctuary. We asked Spanky Beck (local funeral home owner) to guide us on this”. 

Probably the first “ride up” some people had.

The other elevator is in United Bank. I was told that the late Karl Hill had the elevator when the bank was built because he thought it was a “neat idea”. 


RECEIVED this comment about the toy “action” figure, Curse Breaker sign on the county commissioner’s chairman’s desk : “Don: the answer is very simple….it is called ego and probably rightfully deserved in his opinion. He is not coach and should not be called one”.


OVER AT the county commission meeting, the CEO and executive director of the Forsyth Convention and Visitors Bureau showed back up again wanting $10,000 to advertise the City of Forsyth and attractions in the county that would entice visitors to stop, eat and sleep in Forsyth. 

Here are some unattributed county commissioner comments: , “As you were”; “If that’s not as clear as mud”; “That was 38 seconds”; “You have to eat the microphone basically”; “Point of Order”; “My question is…”; “I’m looking at back sides”; “I’m gonna hire me a lawyer”; “Just like court cases”;  “There are groups all over our __ses”; “There used to be a common courtesy”; “this is what’s in front of us tonight”; “I lost a lot of sleep”;  “That’s a result of not planning”; “We got to get rolling”; “Let me ask in a different way” and “Don’t let me put words in your mouth”.

It was pay-up time by the county commissioners. Checks totaling $377,166.61 paid with 96 checks. One of the largest county checks, $102,548.73, was paid to Jerry McMillian for the South water Division I and II. Monroe County Hospital came in second, getting paid $53,956.59 for August medicines ($1,569/92), October appropriations ($50,000) and Health Department Rental, $2,386.67. We paid $225 To MP Cheer Dawgs Booster Club for a football program ad.

I am going under the assumption that our county commissioners are no longer on the county payroll since no checks are listed on the finance department check register as having been paid to them for salary, travel, meal, telephone usage, personal vehicle usage, personal etc. Maybe the county manager and county finance director have figured out a way to be “non-transparent”.


TURN IT on. Announced at the commission meeting Juliette’s water system should be turned on by Christmas. Great Christmas present!


RECEIVED this email: Democrats are now protesting cemetery fences: they are claiming it restricts their voters from getting out to vote”. 


THE first correct answer to The Question came from Barbara Churchwell, with the answer “Murder, You Must Be Kidding”. Barbara receives a certificate for a Big Peach Car Wash, fried green tomato appetizer at Juliette’s Whistle Stop Café, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Dairy Queen Blizzard, single dip at Scoops, dozen Dunkin Donuts, a Reporter and Forsyth Main street t-shirt.

Here’s The Question for this week: Name two businesses listed in The Reporter Bolingbroke Business Guide in last week’s newspaper. First correct answers after 12 noon on Thursday gets the goodie certificate.


USED to be provided a City of Forsyth listing of checks written included with their “press packet” at council meeting. No more! Guess the city manager and her assistant decided to emulate the county by listing what checks the city has on their web site. Will provide in next week’s column or you can call the city and ask for the link to their check writing or call city Manager Janice Hall, 478-214-0211 and ask for the link.

Here some city council unattributed comments: “I’ve got a question about that to”; “Okay, I understand”; “I will say this right now as well”; “I have a question”; “I have a question”; “I don’t have much to report”; “I’m not going to ramble on”; “We need diversity on our boards”; “Every time I am on the square”.


ON THE lighter side from Ambrose Bierce’s “The Devil’s Dictionary”: Accuse, v.t: To affirm another’s guilt or unworthy; most commonly as a justification of ourselves for having wronged him. Admiration, n: Our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves. Bride, n: A woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her. Cabbage, n: A familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man’s head. Enough!


NEED YOUR suggestions. The Monroe County Reporter’s 50th birthday is coming up next November. How would you suggest we celebrate? No smart a**ed ideas. I am serious. Email me, call me whatever let me share your ideas for a possibility.


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