Don Daniel

There was a time in my life when “The Dawn Of Aquarius” by the 5th Dimension was my most listened-to song. I even memorized the lyrics and was known to sing the loudest when it was played on the radio or just singing solo. 

There is one verse I will always remember:  “Harmony and understanding, Sympathy and trust abounding, No more falsehood or derisions, Golden living dreams of vision, Mystic crystal revelation, And the minds of true liberation”.

It has been just over a year since we have become “infected” with “the virus”. It has become a pandemic which has changed every aspect of our lives in every way and in everyday living. We’re told to trust in one another, our government, our government officials, all the way down to our elected officials. They’re the ones we are supposed to be able to trust.  Instead, doubt and fear have become the “norm” of everyday living.

Not a day goes by, even on Sundays, that my phone isn’t ringing with some scammer trying to get me to part ways with my money. Thank goodness I have caller ID so I just ignore the poor obviously deprived money grabber. I’ve got some bad news for the scammers: the warranty on my 1976 GMC pickup truck has expired! Yes, I have chosen to opt out of the calls by choosing number one or three to be removed from their list and placed on their no call list, which I have discovered is only for thirty-seconds.

I have to admit, I made a mistake by clicking on a solar energy provider email. Now my e-mail is inundated with, last count, 28 solar energy providers. I delete them all! I told one provider I live in a basement with no sunshine available. He didn’t care, he still wanted to give me a quote. 

Hey, would AT&T or Verizon explain this one to me: my caller ID says I have missed a call, no message, from a “local” 994 number. I call the number and an operator informs me the number is no longer in service. They just called 10 minutes ago! 

The mistake I made and can’t seem to get rid of is Publisher’s Clearing House. Yes, I did order an item (don’t remember what it was) about a year ago and I am being notified two or three times a day via email I am still “eligible” to win $7,000 a day for life.

I do not open email from unknown senders and no longer answer unknown phone callers. Just leave a message. I’ll decide if it is important enough to return the call.  


GOT THIS comment from a local “gadfly” who watches Monroe County political going ons: “the commissioners are obviously trying to spend all of Plant Scherer’s taxpaying money before the plant is closed.”

Only nine checks were written over at the County Commission office, totaling $72,987.96. The biggest, $50,087.20, was paid to Jerry McMillian for South water Division II. The second largest, $15,424.06, went to AT&T for E-911. The smallest, $93.85, was paid to Government Forms and Supplies for four name tags. 


BY THE TIME you are reading this, the fate of the on again off again Forsythia Festival will have been decided…maybe. The Forsyth “god-all-mighties” were supposed to have taken a yes or no vote on the Forsythia Monday night. 


HERE ARE a couple of items in Biden’s and Pelosi’s stimulus bill: $25,000,000 (that’s million) for cleaning supplies for the Capitol Building; $25,000,000 for additional salary for House of Representatives, just a few items in the $2 trillion bill.


“FLUSH TWICE it’s a long way to the county commissioners’ office” was posted in one of the port-a-potties installed at a Monroe County convenience center.


THE NEW restaurant down in Bolingbroke is Marrow 41 and Marcie Seleb was the first to answer The Question. She gets a certificate for a fried green tomato appetizer at Juliette’s Fried Green Tomato, a dozen Dunkin Donuts, a slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Dairy Queen Blizzard,  Scoops single cone, Reporter t-shirt and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt.

Here’s The Question for this week: Dr. Margie Bryant has been a volunteer firefighter for how many years? First correct answer after twelve noon Thursday gets the goodie certificate. 


GOOD PUBLICITY for Forsyth in the down south daily newspaper Sunday. Front page, above the fold five column headline on what is going on in downtown Forsyth with Economic Developer chairman Tammie Pierson taking the lead for quotes and developer George Emami contributing with a photo of his standing on the deck of Fox City Brewery and Restaurant. 

Gives a lot for the Forsyth Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote for the 14 hotels/motels to offer guests. 


SO THE City of Forsyth “aims” to address blight was the headline. Wonder if they are going to use a wrecking ball and crew?


THIS SHOULD be posted everywhere. WARNING! Beware of Smartphone Zombies. That was via Facebook.

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