Congratulations and Mega kudos to Col. Amy Holbeck. On Sunday, Col. Holbeck took command of Georgia Air National Guard’s 116th Air Control Wing – the air guard unit that maintains and flies the E-8C JSTARS aircraft. Col. Holbeck is the first female wing commander in Georgia air guard’s history. She is an excellent leader and extremely competent - regardless of her gender. Oh, and Col. Holbeck took command from Col. “Deuce” Crumbly, the first black wing commander in the Georgia air guard’s history. As Col. Crumbly eloquently stated in his farewell address, “in the military, you’re valued for your capability and competency, not what you look like.” Simply put, Col. Holbeck is the most qualified person to lead the 116th ACW, exactly like Col. Crumbly was the most qualified when he took command two years ago. Full disclosure – When I was with Army JSTARS at Robins AFB, I served, trained, and deployed to combat with both Col. Holbeck and Col. Crumbly. You go Girl; very proud of you. 


NEXT MONDAY we celebrate MLK’s birthday. In many ways, Dr. King remains the conscience of the nation – particularly as to how we should treat one another concerning matters of race. His quote that he dreams of his children living in a country “where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” is one of the greatest and most revered quotes in U.S. history. Unfortunately, Democrats no longer concern themselves with qualifications, competency, and character. Instead, Dems judge people only on their skin color, gender, and sexual orientation. Exhibit A is Commissioner Larry Evans. Evans demanded Ms. Phyllis Jarrell hire a black candidate for a county job. When Jarrell, a black employee, hired a white woman over Evans’ black candidate, Evans berated Jarrell. Evans admitted he didn’t know the qualifications of the white candidate or how the two candidates stacked up against one another. He demanded his black candidate, regardless of qualifications. Imagine how loud Evans would scream if the tables were turned and a white commissioner demanded a white candidate be hired, qualifications be damned. Let’s hope the District 1 voters remember this bigoted incident in the next election. After 30+ years as a commissioner, the voters should give strong consideration for new blood. 


DID YOU see where a wacko, leftist, enviro group removed their signs from in front of a glacier in Glacier National Park? The signs said the glacier would be melted by 2020. The wacko leftists have gone quiet now that it’s 2020, and the glacier is still there. This “glacier will be gone by 2020” follows other crazy leftist predictions – a 1989 prediction that rising oceans would obliterate island nations by 2000, and Al Gore’s idiotic 2008 warning that the North Pole would be ice free by 2013. One of you enviro leftist, please explain how you continue believing the phony predictions, even after they’re proven to be lies.


EVERYONE’S HAD well over a week to research the atrocities committed by Gen. Qassim Soleimani, the Iranian terror commander killed by a U.S. drone missile attack. Soleimani was responsible for over 600 dead Americans and thousands of others throughout the Middle East. If we, as a nation, cannot agree that Soleimani was a bad guy who needed to die, what can we agree on? Apparently nothing because every single Dem presidential candidate, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, every Democrat politician, every mediacrat talking head (mediacrat = Media+Democrat), and almost every Dem voter has roundly condemned President Trump’s courageous decision to kill the world’s most dangerous terrorist.


TO PROVE the vapidity of the leftist cabal’s (LC) argument, despite being responsible for hundreds of dead Americans, they argue whether or not Soleimani was an “imminent” threat. YES, HE WAS; he’s a damn terrorist. Even if Soleimani wasn’t an “imminent” threat, he needed to be killed. When Osama bin Laden (OBL) was killed, he had gone into hiding, was no longer an imminent threat, yet still needed to die. After OBL was killed, the Senate voted 100-0 on a resolution in support of Obama and the military for the raid that killed him. In contrast, the cabal knows that Soleimani helped plan the attack on a Saudi oil facility last September; and that he’s responsible for hundreds of dead Americans; yet not ONE DEM voted to support a similar resolution in support of Trump and the military after killing Soleimani. That not one Dem praised President Trump on his decision to kill Soleimani or voted to support the military proves that not one Dem is fit to be commander-in-chief. Unfortunately, our “hate America crowd” is flourishing and a sizable portion of the Democrats.


WATCHING CNN, MSNBC and the rest of our leftist media and Dems react to the death of Soleimani; I thought I was watching Iranian TV. Our fake news media roundly condemned President Trump for killing the world’s most dangerous terrorist; yet glowingly described that Soleimani was loved by the Iranian people. They see no difference between terrorists such as Soleimani and President Trump. Anderson Cooper even favorably compared Soleimani with Charles de Gaulle, former WWII general and president of France. You can’t make this up, it’s as though the Dems worship the most despicable people so long as they oppose Trump and are fighting against America. Our leftist cabal (includes Dems, the media, academia, and Hollywood) is unable to distinguish good from evil. The LC talks about how Soleimani was “revered”, respected, and “heroic and brave.” Yea, well, Darth Vader was revered and respected but, like Soleimani, Vader was a bad guy, who needed to go. Hey Dems, hey media, why don’t you show photos of wounded soldiers lying in Walter Reed missing arms and legs because of IEDs planted by Soleimani’s trained terrorists; or interview a widow of a Marine blown apart by a 250-lb. bomb planted next to the road and ask if they support Trump giving the “kill order” on Soleimani?

Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer who writes a weekly column for the Reporter. Email him at