What’s Fake News (FN)? Is it incorrect facts? Yes, but those are easily discerned. The greater example and daily occurrence of FN is news and information that is not reported and never covered. It’s relevant news that’s omitted. An example occurred last week during the Democratic debate concerning Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. President Trump bestowed “Pocahontas” on Warren for good reason. For 30 years, Warren lived a fraud. The fraud that Warren perpetrated is that she’s Native American. She’s NOT, and knows she’s not. Nevertheless, she pretended to be of Cherokee ancestry. Warren used her false Cherokee claim to get minority hired and to get a Harvard professorship. After living a lie for 30 years, you’d think the debate monitors would ask one question about those lies. Wrong! Warren was never asked about the most relevant topic surrounding her candidacy. This was fake news by omission and a daily reminder why CNN, MSNBC, NY Times, etc. are fake news.


ANOTHER example of FN, by omission, was last week’s tragic photo of an illegal immigrant and his daughter who both drowned swimming across the Rio Grande River. Displaying the photo, the media couldn’t grieve enough nor heap enough blame on President Trump. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth by libs, the media, and Dems the likes of which we seldom see. The fake news is that more illegals died sneaking across the border during the first two years of Obama’s presidency than died during the first two years of Trump’s presidency, yet that fact is ignored and omitted. Also, FN is not putting into context why the illegals died. The proper context is that the illegal’s deaths, including dead children, are their own fault and the fault of Dems.  


YES, I said it, “The death of illegals is squarely the fault of Dems.” Recall earlier this year how the Dems refused to admit there’s a crisis at the border? Now, they finally admit there’s a crisis but blame Trump. Oh please, you Dems have been in Congress for decades and have done nothing to solve the problem. Trump has been president for two-and-a-half years; the entire time he’s been trying to halt the flow of illegals, and it’s his fault? The Dems and the media relish publishing photos of dead illegals because it advances their narrative of “orange man bad,” and it allows them to “hate on” Republicans, all the while avoiding blame for their inaction which causes these deaths.


WHO ELSE noticed that the fake news media failed to grieve over the death of Mollie Tibbets – murdered last year by an illegal? And the FN media failed to show photos of Mollie’s decomposed body, or any death photos of Americans killed by illegals, because doing so would highlight the brutality of dangerous illegals. Also, the FN media failed to grieve when Officer Ronil Singh was killed by an illegal last December in CA. Nor did they grieve last December when Gustavo Garcia, a previously deported illegal, shot and killed Rocky Paul Jones. There are over 2,000 illegals apprehended by ICE each year for murder. Where is the grieving and wailing media over the thousands of Americans murdered by illegals? But when one illegal dies, through his own fault, it becomes a “blame Trump” hate fest. 


PERHAPS the most repeated fake news is the entire “children are being put in cages” narrative that the media and Dems endlessly repeat. Again, the “children in cages” is never put into context. First, why are children being separated in the first place? Because their parents decided to break the law and tote children with them while doing so. If a bank robber robs a bank with his two-year old in arm, who’s surprised when, upon arrest, the perp is separated from the child? We separate adults from children all the time. The better question to ask is, “Why are adults bringing children with them when breaking the law?” The reason: our stupid immigration laws allow “children-toting illegals” to endlessly remain in the country. So, illegals bring children to insure they stay in the country once they sneak in. However, when the children-toting illegals are first caught, they’re temporarily separated which leads to the fake accusation of “children in cages.” The Dems and libs allow emotions to get in the way of facts. The fact is that Obama’s administration initiated the policy of separating children from their criminal parents and placed the children in cages. The border patrol is only following the law when they separate children from their law-breaking parents. If illegals don’t want to be separated from their children, don’t bring your children, or better yet, stay home and work to improve your own country. 


THE ILLEGAL alien crisis at the border could end in 12 hours if the Dems wanted it to end but they don’t. Why? Because maintaining the crisis gives them a political issue for the 2020 election, plus Dems fear that doing anything to solve the border crisis would give Trump a political win. This is further proof that the Dems put their party ahead of the country. Then again, that’s what socialists do – put party ahead of country. 


GETTING BACK to the Democratic debates, did you see an American flag on stage? Neither did I but I digress. All 20 candidates said that we should decriminalize illegal border crossing, and once here, allow illegals to stay – forever. The 100% “open border” policy of the Dems would eliminate our country as we know it. On Twitter, Ari Fleischer said it best: 

The Democratic plan for the future is:

1) Decriminalize illegal border crossings

2) Provide illegals with drivers licenses

3) Provide illegals with free health care

4) Watch illegal immigration soar

5) Create a path to citizenship

6) Win elections.


WEEKLY Quote: “I’ve been to that facility, where they talk about cages. That facility was built under President Obama.” Thomas Homan, Obama’s associate director of ICE.

Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer who writes a weekly column for the Reporter. Email him at sloanoliver@earthlink.