Last week I posted an article about Gaslighting – the propaganda technique that convinces you that you don’t see what you’re actually seeing; such as convincing you that despite HUGE rally crowds for President Trump and ZERO rally crowds for Biden, that Biden was actually the more popular candidate. Or despite hourly finds of election tampering and fraud, from all parts of the country, that there’s nothing to see and no reason to doubt the media’s claims of fair elections. 


NBC News (a network that abhors Trump) provides further proof of election fraud and Gaslighting in regards to Trump and 2020 election integrity. What was NBC’s proof? On Nov 10th, they published an article: Democrats blame increased Trump turnout for failure to win state legislative seats. The theme of the article is that Democrats across the country, in local, state, and federal elections, suffered losses because of the huge turnout for President Trump. The result of the large Trump support was Republicans performed much better than expected which means that Republicans will control more state legislatures when redrawing congressional districts, districts that must be re-drawn after the 2020 census. The article reported that Democrat efforts were led by former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder and backed by Obama. Their group, National Democratice Redistriciting Committee (NDRC), invested over $100 million to do what they failed to do – defeat Republicans in local elections, to include big Democrat losses in battleground states of Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina. Not only did Democrats fail to flip any legislative chambers, they lost both chambers in very liberal New Hampshire.


In state after state, Republicans outperformed expectations while Democrats underperformed - largely due to increased Trump support. The NDRC’s spokesman said the expected “Blue Wave” didn’t happen because of “supercharged” Republican support for President Trump, support that voted straight Republican. The lack of a Blue Wave included losing Democrat seats won in 2018, when Trump wasn’t on the ballot but lost in 2020 because Trump WAS on the ballot. Despite this admitted supercharged turnout and support for President Trump, the media and the Dems are trying to convince us that somehow, at the very top of the ballot, Biden was more supported than Trump. They called the election for Trump and insist we accept their declaration; and to not accept their declaration does nothing but “divide the country” (their words.) 


The 2020 election was/is perhaps the most open to tampering, fraud, and vote suppression in US history. That’s because of the huge volume of “mail-in” paper ballots. Mail-in, paper ballots are known to be ripe for fraud. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) made that exact claim in 2004 when he said, “Paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud.” A 2012 NY Times article reported that mail-in voting fraud is “vastly more prevalent than in-person voting fraud that has attracted far more attention.” Then in 2014, Robert Klain, Biden’s chief of staff, said America’s elections are rigged; and Ken Paxton (Texas Attorney General) says that mail-in ballots are a threat to election integrity. Paxton said the “thousands of victims of mail ballot fraud over the years, commonly tell us they were pressured and harassed by campaign workers to sign up to vote by mail, vote a certain way, or hand over their ballots.” His office has conducted hundreds of voter fraud investigations – and that’s before all the 2020 “mail-in” shenanigans are even considered. 


Many states sent paper ballots to every registered voter, often times to people who were dead or long ago moved. We’re not talking hundreds or thousands but hundreds of thousands and millions of legal ballots floating around at senior citizen homes, apartment complexes, half-way houses, etc. In states where voter ID is required, you must show a valid ID, and your signature is verified; not so with millions of the mail-in ballots. And many states have no voter ID requirement – you show up at the polling location, tell them a name, and give you a ballot. There have been hundreds of well-documented cases of fraud in the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that proves fraud and tampering are not confined to a few votes here or there (we know that happens) but vote fraud on an industrial scale that has relegated our election integrity to those of banana republics.


Short of finding systemic “glitches” that switch thousands of votes, Biden will likely be the next president. That’s because election fraud and tampering are very difficult to prove. You must catch the person in the act which might get 50 or 100 votes tossed. Even if Trump’s attorneys gather hundreds or thousands of proven cases of voter fraud, the Dems will argue “it’s only a thousand” and doesn’t change the outcome. The Republicans simply cannot find (or prove) the tens of thousands of fraudulent votes needed to change the count enough to affect the final figures. Instead, they should argue that the Democrats must prove the integrity of the elections. Given the thousands of cases of voter fraud, voter suppression, election tampering and glitches, it’s provable that the entire 2020 election lacks integrity, thus the election is illegitimate. Remember how the Democrats claimed the 2016 election was illegitimate due to Russian collusion, yet never produced a shred of evidence? In 2020, team Trump and Republicans have hundreds (likely thousands) of documented cases (i.e. evidence) of voter fraud, tampering, and suppression. They have more than enough evidence to prove this election lacked integrity, thus it should be ruled illegitimate. However, that’s a tough fight in any court. 


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