In case you’ve been asleep the past week, hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters held a “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington DC. The rally ended about 1:15pm, the same time that Congress started counting electoral votes. Leaving the rally, several hundred protesters, along with infiltrated Antifa rioters, marched on the Capitol. The protest turned into a “riot” as Capitol police opened doors and allowed hundreds of protestors to enter. (Some broke windows and entered.) Once inside, the protestors took over and occupied the Capitol, destroying nothing and doing little damage. In the melee, one protestor was shot and killed, and one Capitol police officer was killed. Note: this was a one day, hours-long protest in which some protestors did riot. In response, many of the Leftist Cabal (see below) termed this action as “one of the worst days in American history.” The media claimed it was a coup attempt, and made other equally inflammatory accusations.


My, how quickly people forget. Perhaps it’s selective amnesia. It was only four short years ago that the Leftist Cabal (LC) did, in fact, orchestrate multiple coup attempts against President Trump. Those attempts started long before the 2016 election when Hillary’s campaign paid for a phony dossier that was used as “proof” to spy on Candidate-Trump, spy on President-elect Trump, and continue spying on President Trump. The LC further used the dossier (called an “insurance policy” by FBI agent Peter Strzok) to initiate the multi-year, Russia-collusion investigation accusing Trump of being a Russian agent. Another coup attempt was in Dec 2016 when the LC pressured Electoral College electors to vote for Hillary, not Trump. Some of those Trump electors received death threats. After those attempts failed, it was just last January that the Dems made yet another coup attempt when they used Trump’s phone call to Ukraine’s president as the basis for impeachment. Despite the multi-year, continuous attacks on President Trump and his supporters, none of those attempts worked. Nobody in our nation’s history has been as vilified or endured the withering barrage of insults, belittlements, accusations, abuse, contempt, and scorn as has President Trump. There has been no name or insult that he hasn’t been called. I have no idea how one person can withstand such non-stop, never ending hatred. 


Who/what is the Leftist Cabal? The LC consists of Democrat Party elites (Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, AOC, etc.), Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), academia (most universities), Hollywood elites, most media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, NBC, NY Times, Vox, etc.) and their millions of voting foot-soldiers which includes anarchist groups like Antifa. Just like the Nazi Party used the 1933 burning of the Reichstag to seize and consolidate power, the LC is using the Steal the Vote rally to do the same. Calling it a coup attempt, the Leftist Cabal is working in unison to coordinate and seize power – consisting of control of media, control of education, control of all information sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) which allows complete control of government by leftist Democrats. I am not exaggerating; the LC demands all power be ceded to them. It’s happening right now, as I write. How you ask?


The LC is using Orwellian tactics of double standards, dishonesty, hypocrisy, outright lies, and censorship to advance their agenda, seize more control, and consolidate power. If you ever needed proof of their tactics, the Washington rally is proof beyond ANY doubt. The media has lied about the entire event. They haven’t told the truth of underlying causes for the protest (a suspected fraudulent election) or why 75+ million people are frustrated to the point of protesting.  


Last summer, violent riots raged in cities all across America: police officers were murdered, police precincts seized and burned, federal courthouses attacked, businesses looted and destroyed, churches burned, city blocks cordoned off and called “autonomous zones”, vehicles destroyed, innocent people beaten and killed. During it all, the media told us the riots are “mostly peaceful”. The LC reminded us that “riots are the voice of the unheard.” The Huffington Post even ran a video titled “How Riots Built America,” and academia called riots “the highest form of democracy.” The media justified and encouraged the riots. Mayors let their cities burn. The LC told us the police were the bad guys. We must allow the rioters to “vent”, give them space to “hate-on” and spit upon the police. Mayors and governors actually sided with rioters over their own police officers. District Attorneys refused to charge rioters, even those arrested for violence. Throughout it all, not a single Democrat condemned any violence. On Jan 6th, the cabal’s attitude towards riots suddenly changed. Instantly, protesters were no longer patriotic; instead, they were labelled traitors who must be arrested and thrown in prison. The LC called the “riot” worse than Pearl Harbor. Double standard and dishonesty?


All summer long, Democrats did nothing to stop their riots. When riots targeted you and me, the LC didn’t care about property damage, businesses looted, cities destroyed or even people murdered. The cabal screamed “Defund the police”; replace them with social workers. When Minneapolis rioters were arrested for burning a police station, VP-elect Harris started a fund to bail out the rioters. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), “there needs to be unrest in the streets.” Kamala said, “violence won’t stop and shouldn’t stop.” And it didn’t; riots continued for months longer. Again, on Jan 6th their attitude changed. When the political elites became the target, they were terrified and furious. Your business can burn but not their place of business. The Leftist Cabal was outraged. Don’t you dare defund their police, just your police. Hypocrisy? 


For several years, Big Tech has censored conservatives. Milo Yianopoulos and Alex Jones were the first ones “cancelled.” Since then, it’s gotten worse, much worse. The “cancel culture” is tracking down and targeting mostly conservatives but will silence anyone who makes ONE wrong statement. ABC News is calling for “cleansing America of Trump supporters.” Last week, President Trump had his @realDonalTrump Twitter account temporarily suspended. So, he posted a comment to the official @POTUS Twitter account. That Twitter account was immediately suspended, and Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account was permanently cancelled. Simultaneously, conservative websites and numerous individuals were cancelled – Parler, LTG Flynn, Sidney Powell, Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway have all been targeted and cancelled. Meanwhile, Iran’s Ayatollah and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping are given loud voices by Twitter. Nobody is safe from Big Tech, Big Brother and the Leftist Cabal. This is just the beginning. It will get worse.