Dems, please stop your incessant racial hatred. Except for you Democrats, very few people are racist. And except in elite Democrat circles, racism isn’t everywhere. Actually, racism is extremely rare. So, rare that even the slightest hint of a “racial” incident immediately receives national attention. It does so because racism almost never occurs – at least not the way the Dems would have you believe. However, if you only listen to the media and the Dems (I repeat myself) you wouldn’t know that racism is rare. You would think that every white person is a racist and racism is rampant because “racism” and accusations of “white nationalist” are thrown around every single day by every Democratic presidential candidate, and then echoed by the sycophants in the media. I’m beyond being disgusted. This country is not racist and it wasn’t founded on racism.


TWO WEEKS ago, Bernie Sanders said if he wins the presidency, he’s go to war against “white nationalism” and racism. Bernie claims that “nationalism” is a bad thing. It’s not; nationalism is what I want and expect from my politicians. What is nationalism? I define it as supporting one’s own nation and placing your nation’s interests over those of other countries. I expect our politicians to do just that - put the interests of this nation above the interests of other countries. Since I’m a white guy, I must be a white nationalist. I want more white nationalists, just like I want black nationalists (i.e. blacks who put the interests of the United States above the interests of other countries), Latino nationalists, Native American nationalists, etc.


HOWEVER, WE know what Bernie wants and what he’s talking about. Bernie and his fellow Democrats oppose the United States. He’s a globalist who thinks a “world government” should dictate and rule us underlings. Bernie puts the interests of all other countries above the interests of the United States. Nationalism isn’t evil; the “globalism” that Bernie demands is evil. Only a good globalist like comrade Bernie would put the interests of others over the interests of the United States.


HEY BERNIE, speaking of racism, outside your Democratic Party, where is all this racism? You’re doing an excellent job of projecting your sins onto others. If you see racism, it’s because you and your party are the racists. To witness true racism, look no further than the Democratic Party, particularly at the 20 or so hoping to become president, which includes - Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Joe Biden, and the other 15 candidates. How did we get to this where racism is at the very center of every Democratic campaign; not improving the economy, not balancing the budget, not fighting inner city violence, not getting tough on crime; racism is their primary focus and concern? All 20 candidates claim that the United States is inherently racist and, by golly, they’re going to fix it but first you must vote for them. Racism is all they talk about. Every Dem accuses the entire country of racism and the only cure is to vote for a Dem who, it just so happens, is the only one who sees it.


LET’S HAVE a brief history lesson. Thirty years after Columbus discovered the New World (NW), black slaves were brought to the Caribbean to work the plantations. The slaves were captured in Africa by other black tribes who sold them to various merchants and middle men who then shipped them to the NW. Various European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, England, and the Dutch) were all involved in the slave trade. The first slaves brought to what is now the United States came in 1619. Slaves were imported for the next 200 years. Except for slave-owning Democrats, most people came to realize that slavery was wrong and moves were made to outlaw and abolish the institution. The culmination of the abolition movement was the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. However, southern Democrats wanted to keep their slaves and fought a civil war to do so. After the southern Dems were defeated, the slaves freed, and the South largely destroyed, those southern Democrats wanted to suppress and keep the newly freed blacks “in their place.” To do so, the Dems formed the KKK, implemented the Black Codes, and passed Jim Crow laws that effectively suppressed blacks for the next century. It wasn’t until the 1950’s and ‘60’s that the Civil Rights Movement defeated the Democrats and freed blacks from the evils of Jim Crow laws. So, if anyone knows a Dem, remind them that their slaves were freed 154 years ago, that their Jim Crow laws were outlawed 55 years ago, and it’s time to move on.


RECENTLY, THE NY Times shifted focus. Since their Russian collusion hoax bombed, they’ve shifted from Russia to racism. In a leaked memo, the Times admitted they’re going “all in” to accuse President Trump, and his supporters, of being racist. Obviously, they’re following the lead of Democratic leaders – projecting their sins onto others, not caring that they’re dividing the country. Just last week the Times accused Trump of being anti-Semitic. The same President Trump whose daughter is Jewish, grandkids are Jewish, and strongly supports Israel is called anti-Semitic by a newspaper that employs anti-Semites. Tom Wright-Peirsanti is a senior editor with the Times, who for years has made hateful remarks against Jews. Wright-Peirsanti wrote, “I was going to say “Crappy Jew Year,” but one of my resolutions is to be less anti-Semitic. So...Happy Jew Year. You Jews.” – Peirsanti’s actual tweet from Jan 1, 2010. We really shouldn’t be surprised by Wright-Peirsanti’s comments; after all, he works for the Times, he’s a Bernie Sanders communist, and thinks exactly like most of the media, leftists and Democrats.


WEEKLY QUOTE: “I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar-A-Lago.” Tweet by Kim Campbell, former Canadian prime minister talking about Hurricane Dorian – proving that other North Americans are as hateful as Democrats,

Sloan Oliver is a retired Army officer who writes a weekly column for the Reporter. Email him at