To the Editor:

My weekly edition of the Reporter is always eagerly anticipated and read in small portions, much like a good meal. The solid opinion pieces always provoke thought, and, I must admit, confirm my own positions most of the time.The local news, in all its facets, is a fascinating snapshot of this diverse community. My favorite column is Reece’s Pieces. I usually wait to read Reece’s Pieces last so I can give it the attention it so richly deserves. Mr. Reece seldom disappoints. Whether discussing the differences between Venus and Mars or the excitement of confronting an armed felon while working at a gas station he informs, entertains, and provides some good laughs. I really enjoyed his piece on the youngest soldier and would love to see more like it. I would also be interested in seeing some columns on the Cherokee Nation and John Ross, chief during relocation of the tribe to Oklahoma. I’d also love to see him cover the current hot topic of U.A.P.s formerly known as UFOs. After all former president Jimmy Carter is on the record as having had an encounter with one. Whatever Steve decides to write about it will be a good read. So, to all of you at The Reporter, I say thank-you and keep up the good work.

Richard Schuyler