Will Davis

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christopher Columbus on this Columbus Day week.

As a boy growing up in North Carolina, I had never even heard of Columbus Day. It was only when I went off to reform school in New England that I realized that for people in the north, Columbus Day weekend is a big long weekend like Labor Day. 

When you learn how long and miserable the winters are up there, it becomes clear why they might want one last outdoor escape before the frost appears on the pumpkin.

But that was in the late 1980s. By now, I’m sure the communists who run things up there have destroyed his memory as another Dead White Man who cannot be mentioned. Of course, communists always want to vacation at other people’s expense — so they have to keep the long weekend around. Now they call it Indigenous Peoples Day. 

There’s a former Marine and Congressional candidate I follow on Twitter named Jesse Kelly who makes a lot of sense these days. As we look around at what’s happening to our society, we look for answers as to what we should do. I do not want to lose the country I love and freedoms I enjoy on my watch. But it sure feels that’s what’s happening.

Kelly, who appears on Fox News and has his own radio show, notes the problem we have is that the communists who run everything in this country fight with both fists. Conservatives, on the other hand, so to speak, try to be gentlemanly about it.

I think he’s right. Start with the fact that it bothers you, dear reader, when I call our Democrat friends and the media “communists”. But Kelly notes that when you consider what communists have done throughout history, they’re following the playbook exactly. And that’s why he calls them communists. Because they are. And communists love nothing more than power, and that’s what the people running our country and almost all of our institutions now want.

Communists are notorious liars. What have we faced the last 19 months? Lie after lie. Fifteen days to slow the spread. Just take the vax and all will be fine. Trump colluded with Russia. Biden will unify the country. Biden will restore the economy. Lies. Lies. Lies.

And communists are notorious bullies. They use any means necessary to shame, beat down and humiliate their political foes, anyone who stands in the way of complete power. What have we seen? That exactly. They call the American people racists. They tear down our statues. They accuse our heroes of being racists and evil and not worthy of study and emulation.

And communists always try to destroy the family. They turn children against parents. They urge children to turn their parents in for saying or thinking things not approved by the communist regime.

Does that not seem to describe where we are heading?

Kelly stands athwart the insanity and urges fellow Americans to fight back. And we’re starting to. A female reporter was interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown the other day after he won at Talledega. Fans could be heard clearly and loudly chanting “F— Joe Biden” throughout the interview. Whether unwittingly or to try to cover up for her beloved Papa Joe, the reporter said, “the crowd is so excited they’re chanting “let’s go Brandon!”

Hence was born a new slogan for the times you can now find on T shirts and bumper stickers: “Let’s Go Brandon!” It’s a non-profane way to push back against the insanity destroying our country.

Also this week, Southwest pilots and personnel have bravely pushed back against their company’s vaccine mandate by not showing for work. The CEO of Southwest went on TV and said no, it has nothing to do with that. Absences are normal and we just got behind, he stammered. 

Listen to me: We have no one else. Almost every leader of every institution in this country has apparently been compromised by idiocy, insanity, CRT or yes, communism. I used to think people who talked like this were nuts who wore tin foil hats. Now, I’m convinced that while we know a lot of the corruption and Chinese communism that now rule us, we don’t know the half of it.

So fight back. Be brave. America is a great country with a great history. We just have a little Flight 93 situation right now. Let’s roll, and let’s go Brandon.