To the Editor:

I enjoyed Sloan Oliver’s column in the Oct. 6 issue of The Reporter entitled “Land lines can be a point of view;” the article was well written and informative. However, as someone with a little background in land line determination and, more specifically, in the Monroe-Bibb County boundary problem, I must refute your statement: “Currently, Monroe County is disputing the initial survey that created Bibb County.” That statement hit a nerve.

Without getting into the lengthy history, happenings, and personalities related to the ongoing Monroe-Bibb County Line saga, I can state unequivocally that to date Monroe County has never disputed the initial survey that created Bibb County. 

There seems to have been some misconception over the several years’ span of the county line dispute that Monroe County’s intent has been to MOVE the county line. Not so. Monroe County’s intent has always been for the boundary as initially legislated and surveyed to be recognized and accepted by all.

The Governor of Georgia appointed a licensed land surveyor to basically follow the footsteps of the initial surveyor and to mark on the ground and to plat the initial boundary separating the two counties. The appointed surveyor did indeed mark the line and prepare a plat. Monroe County agreed with the surveyor’s finding; a state-appointed Special Master agreed with the surveyor’s findings; Bibb County did not. This is not to say that Bibb County disputes the initial survey, but that Bibb disagrees with the state-appointed surveyor’s opinion of where the initial boundary is located.

As for me, having studied the county line situation a wee bit, having walked the boundary as marked and having reviewed the plat, I am convinced the survey is correct.

Hugh Mercer


Hugh Mercer of Forsyth is a retired surveyor.