Don’t know when the Nancy Hanks last came through Forsyth but I do remember the many trips I took catching it headed to Atlanta and then back home. You see, my mother and I had unlimited passes on the train and just about once a month we would board in Tennille, ride to Terminal Station in Atlanta, go to Rich’s shopping center almost directly across the street from the station, and maybe walk over to the capitol if the Legislature was in session. Then, about 4 p.m., we’d go back to Terminal Station for the trip back to Tennille and then, being met by my grandfather for the short ride to Harrison. 

Those memories came rushing back when reading the story about President Biden’s $2 trillion plan which includes a proposed $80 billion for Amtrak. A new route in the proposal includes a route from Nashville, Tenn., to Savannah connecting Chattanooga, Atlanta and Macon. 

Don’t plan on purchasing a ticket for a trip anytime soon. According to Amtrak’s potential plans, the service would take place over the next 15 years. The story was reported in the Friday edition of the Macon paper. 

Here’s a question for Ralph Bass: when did the Nancy Hanks cease service from Atlanta to Savannah and was Forsyth a scheduled stop? Could you catch the Nancy Hanks in Forsyth?


AS YOU will be reading, the Forsyth City council met Monday night and listed on their agenda was this item: Public Hearing to consider a proposed ordinance on regulation of public panhandling, begging and charitable or political solicitation. 

The one that caught my attention was “political solicitation”.  Wonder if that means candidates for city council or mayor cannot solicit campaign funds in the city for re-election bid or new comers seeking to become a Forsyth politician cannot solicit campaign funds. Guess it will be “don’t ask, don’t tell or don’t tell I asked”. I am sure Diane Glidewell will have a story on the discussion of that item.

As you should be aware, Forsyth has a Code Enforcement Officer, Jeremy Malone, and he is obviously taking his job seriously writing tickets, warning, etc. for residents who do not clean up their trash  or living conditions. Guess that applies to the “senior citizen” community on East Main. Wonder what the fine or consequences are for not complying with the Code Enforcements ticketing are? Or if the developer has been caught?

Also on the Monday night agenda was a request from the city hall contractor---Pellicano Construction---for a revised completion date of the city hall building. Will be interesting to see what the new move-in date is now. The Reporter has taken guesses on the move-in date with the closest one winning Will’s book and a subscription to the Reporter.


CONGRATULATIONS TO Lauri English submitting the first correct answer to last week’s The Question identifying Gov. Brian Kemp getting his hair cut at City Barbershop. Lauri gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Scoops single dip, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, slice of Jonahs’ pizza, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt and a Reporter T-shirt. 

Here’s The Question for this week: what is the name of the candy manufacturer that wants to build a plant in Forsyth? First correct answer after 12 noon will get the goodie certificate and will announced on The Reporter’s Facebook page and WMCR-TV.


OVER AT the county, spending went abounding with 79 taxpayer paid checks written totaling $356,886.77. Here are a few of the biggies:$13,950 paid to Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore LLP for special legal service; $16797.78 to Correct Health for inmate dental hospital services; $21,240 for twenty-one computers paid to Dell Service Sales; $20,134.80 paid to Georgia Public Safety Training Center for inmate meals for February; $675 to Hubbard Alumni Association for second quarter appropriations ; $65,673.90  to Macon water Authority; $4,500 to Monroe County Senior Center; $13,000 Monroe County counseling Center second quarter; Monroe County Hospital appropriations and rental, $52,386.67; Towiliga Judicial Circuit Drug Court, $10,031;  United Grading and Excavating $18,951.78 Juliette water; $1,115.96 paid to Walthall Oil Company for inventory gasoline.


I’M ABOUT ready to say “the hell with” those who attempt to use their wealth and assumed influence to impose upon us less wealthy what they think is righteousness. For example, Delta Airlines, Coca Cola, MLB, BLM, NFL, CNN, Democrats, self-serving politicians using their biased attempts to do nothing but feed their egos and all others be damned! 

WOW that felt good!


AND TO “30” this column, here are a couple of quotes from “High As A Cat’s Back & Low As A Snake’s Belly”: “he’s talking out of his butt, because his mouth knows better”; “after you turn 30, it’s just patch, patch, patch”; “That will stop a dog from suckin’ eggs”; “there is a new auto finance plan: 100% down and no monthly payments”


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