Don Daniel

Doggone it! If there is one thing that frustrates reporters (and I still consider myself one) is not being able to get to the “why” of a story. Sometimes totally elusive but often the essence of the story worth pursuing after having gotten the “who, what, when, where and how”. That’s where I am now in reference to what is happening in our country and in a small way right here in our county. 

So, here goes some of my “whys” and questions. Why is whomever George Soros is, financing the Antifa riots? How much does he pay them? Why aren’t the parents of these so-called protestors/rioters disciplining their children? Why aren’t they looking for a job? 

Why aren’t they in school? Why did a local school superintendent advocate boycotting a local business and support the kind of protests locally that are roiling the nation….the real reason? Why wasn’t the school superintendent reprimanded by the school board for this advocacy? Why won’t the local Democratic Party come out condemning the rioters? (There’s an opportunity for all you local Republican leaders). Why aren’t all the rioters arrested taken to a place like an outdoor stadium, given a roll of toilet paper, two bottles of water, a “his” and “her” porta-potties on opposite ends of the field. Let George Soros bail them out with the bail money. I suggest $10,000 per arrested rioter, going to police officers in the form of more money and repairs for what they have destroyed.  There are a lot more of “whys” as I am sure you have. Share them with the readers of this column. 

Going back for a couple of sentences: I think if George Soros is the financier of all this destruction, he should be arrested, tried for treason and hung from a yardarm in a public place.


HISTORY WAS made at the Board of Education the other afternoon when the five members unanimously approved going back to school in school rooms. It was evident that was what parents wanted and the board finally bucked up and made the right decision responding to their constituents.

Kudos to board members Eva Bilderback, Greg Head and Stuart Pippin for their leadership attempts to bring teens back into the classroom.


THIS FROM a Forsyth citizen commenting on the grand opening of Forsyth’s “megastore”, Royal Seven: “finally Forsyth and the interstate are beginning to work together. About time!”  

There is also more growth under way up and down the street, Cabiness Road, better known as Hwy. 83. The only thing missing in the growth pattern is another motel and another “food joint”.   We already have 14 motels and a bunch of “whopperdiddlydoodlymacs”.


BRIAN BURKEY, Andrea Goolsby and Altamaha Riverkeepers are to be saluted for their efforts in cleaning up---rather picking up----the huge amount of trash at the Juliette boat ramp. Maybe the Monroe County Sheriff’s office needs to be showing their badges and patrol cars more often. Wonder is there is a “We Will Fine You For Littering”  sign and trash cans at the site.

 Brian is the designer of the Monroe Bicentennial logo featured up on the front page mast head of this newspaper. You’ll be seeing a lot of that logo from t-shirts to bicentennial memorabilia.


WHOA! STOP the presses! After spending a boocoodle of money renovating the building, the Forsyth-Monroe County Chamber has decided sell their digs particularly after the Development Authority of Monroe County bailed out of their $48,000 annual rent payment to the Chamber. No exclusive as to where the Chamber is going to put their desks but there is speculation who is moving in. I am sure Will will have all the details for you to ponder as soon as he “investigates” deep enough.


THE FIRST correct answer to last week’s The Question came from Leslie Lee identifying Stacy Canada as the new sign language teacher at Mary Persons. Leslie gets a certificate for Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, single scoop os ice cream at Scoops, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, and a slice of Jonah’s pizza and a dozen Dunkin donuts.

Here’s the question for this week: What did the Monroe County Dive Team find in Lake Juliette? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the goodie certificate.


I WAS angrily told by an elected person “do not talk to me”. Want to guess who said that? First correct answer gets a dinner or lunch with me at Grits or Foxx City. Email your answer. Started to go to his church Sunday just to say, “May God bless you” but felt that would sacrilegious and didn’t want to put myself on his level.


OVER AT the county, 59 checks in the amount of $212,080.24 were written with the second biggest one, $34,046, paid to Unvirtual Solutions for computer maintenance and services. The biggest payment went to Houston Asphalt, $67,000 for work on Estes Road, Washington Drive and Quail Run. Harbin Engineering came in third with a $6,711.55 for services, two projects.

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