Don Daniel

Here it is a about a month-and-half  until Christmas and we are already getting ready with anticipation building every time we go shopping, even for groceries. The Thanksgiving turkey has already been selected and in the freezer. But, take a look around and regardless of this Covid epidemic, we all are looking forward to a diversion from the fear we are all are experiencing. 

I have often complained about retail outlets where Santa shops putting Christmas stuff on multiple displays before the turkey thaws out. My catalog stack is now over six inches high even after throwing a bunch a way.

This year’s Christmas and Thanksgiving may be different because of the Covid fear. Families are being stressed out because family traditions are being urged not to be “real”. I don’t think a “Zoom” Thanksgiving or Christmas will relieve the doldrums we are experiencing. I am sure there will be a lot of “virtual” memories we will be thinking and talking about being known as the “Covid Thanksgiving and Christmas”. 

As you may have seen, Forsyth’s electrical department has already just about completed hanging Christmas lighting all around town. Guess the switch to light up the square will held on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Hopefully not before.

The downtown tree lighting is “going virtual” -- no downtown oohs and awes.


I HAVE come to the conclusion there are two issues I will not see---nor expect----resolved I in my lifetime. Guess that is being a pessimist. 

First, in an attempt to resolve the issue of coal ash polluting the water table around Juliette, we are running water lines to the thirsty Julietteans. State legislation attempting to require power plants to line their coal ash ponds failed. But there is hope again this year with the bill being reconsidered by Under The Gold Dome People. Don’t hold your breath. 

The second issue is of course the county line issue which our present Secretary of State and former Secretary of State (now Governor) refused and are continuing to refuse to be responsible to the citizens who helped elect him 673 days ago to declare what under the law he is supposed to. Hey, here’s an idea: let’s send Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger a bill for all the lawyer fees us tax payers have incurred trying to get the county line settled. 


THE FAMILY on the cover of the Welcome Home magazine was the family of Greg Head. Dena Wheeler was the first with the correct answer. Dena gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop friend green tomato appetizer, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, Scoops single dip, Monroe County Reporter t-shirt.


HERE’S THE Question for this week: who visited Forsyth on a March to Sea tour? First correct answer gets the fantastic goodie certificate if answered by noon on Thursday.


THE UNOFFICIAL, undeclared mayor of Juliette, Robert Williams. told be about a new book by Fannie Flagg, “The Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop” (not Robert). Nope it is not a sequel to “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café” and it is on my reading list. 


FYI: THE latest county check register---paying $242,024.37 with 70 checks written----revealed we spent $1,384.56, obviously on-line with Amazon Business. Guess you call that virtual shopping. Ran out of space on listing the important checks. Maybe next week

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