Don Daniel

Our Commission Chairman again attempted to distance himself from this newspaper when he commented last week in a meeting that the story about the commission not raising property taxes was not on the front page. No, the commissioners did not raise our property taxes but our property taxes still increased due to the board of tax assessors. What? My taxes went up over 10 percent and the simple reason is the tax assessors increased the value of my property. Simply stated, if the tax assessors increase your property values, although the tax millage set by the commissioners stays the same, your taxes will go up. Simple.

So the commission chairman’s half-truth not raising property taxes did not make the front page. If he had told the whole truth and nothing but the truth it would have been on front page in banner headlines. The headline would have read “Commissioners don’t raise taxes but tax assessors increase property values”. 

Now, those couple of paragraphs bring up the banner front page headline ---“I’ll cut your head off”----in last week’s paper. The threat was by deputy chief appraiser Bob Simmons when a taxpayer contested the county-appraised value of his property. It’s gonna wind up in court in a who said what case.

So here’s my question: Should the board of tax assessors, Simmons’ bosses, fire, reprimand, suspend Simmons or should he go to jail for physically threatening a taxpayer? Send me an email on your decision. 

Being finally discovered is the best way to describe what is happening in Monroe County. For example, last week the commissioners approved three new subdivisions, one which is going to be very interesting since the subdivision has several home sites in Bibb County with the county line more than likely to be a contending factor in the development. 

Some more good news, the county’s private auditors reported “county not in a bad place to be financially” and the county finance director was applauded for her work in having a “clean” audit. The auditor did reveal the county has $155 million in assets and it cost $42 million to run the county. 

Here are a few unattributed commissioner comments: “I’m being transparent”; “I wanted to make sure I was clear”; “You are looking for the spirit”; “He has taken a beating”; “Not as cool as we are”; “A negative reaction”.


DON’T START looking for Kimball and Harris streets in downtown Forsyth to be one- way streets just yet. Seems like the lines of communications didn’t go as far as they should have and more public discussion is required. 

The same auditing firm that audits the county’s books does the same job for Forsyth and the report revealed the “audit was clean, healthy balance sheet and reserve funds excellent with $6.5 million having been spent”. The city has a $3.5 million budget.

Speed bumps, humps and tables on certain streets took up a large portion of city council discussion and again left  a state of confusion. What I don’t understand, the city is responsible for the enforcement of city speed limits and speeding in the city and ignoring the speed limit signs have not increased the city coffers with fines.

The city fathers and manager feel they need to hold public hearing and advertise where the speed hindrances need to be placed. Just put the bumps, humps and tables in the neighborhoods where the speeding complaints are coming from.  


HASN’T MADE the headlines but Central Georgia Electric Membership Corporation is raising their rates on us according to their newsletter. Here’s what the newsletter reported: “Effective with Oct. 1 2020 billings, CGEMC’s monthly service charge for residential accounts will change from $31 to $34. The monthly charge for general service and commercial accounts will also increase by $3. 


ON THE Funny side: I just found out my uncle, a lifelong Republican, is voting Democrat in this upcoming election. This would have never happened if he were still alive.

Since I am a Republican, I decided to attend the Republican soiree at Fox City last Thursday night. Pulling up to Fox City’s parking lot, I was informed I had to pay $5 to park in the lot and would be given a ticket for a “free” drink once inside. I told the attendant I didn’t care for a drink and I parked in an empty space. 

There was a great turnout of think-they-are Republicans and our three state representatives, Susan Holmes, Dale Washburn and Robert Dickey---all three Republicans----were in attendance, glad handing and smiling. Sen. JOHN Kennedy was mixing and mingling. Didn’t see any county commissioners other than Greg Tapley and no city godfathers. 

I emailed George Emani asking him if the $5 for parking was going to the Republican Party or into his pocket. He replied: “Neither. They were a deposit given back to the customers who actually went into the event or dined at our restaurant. We did that to keep people who were attending the parade from using our customers parking”.

PS: George’s daughter was named Homecoming Queen Friday night. 


THE FIRST correct answer to last week’s The Question came from Audrey Leamy answering,  “the annexation is for a precast concrete company”. She gets a certificate for dozen Dunkin donuts, single scoop of ice cream from Scoops, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Reporter t-shirt, slice of Jonah’s pizza, and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt.

Here’s The Question for this week: name three of the restaurants in Forsyth that serve Mexican food. Started to say cuisine but food was better. 

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