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The FBI has released statistics revealing the most dangerous cities in Georgia in 2020. Thank goodness Forsyth was not on their list. The most dangerous in city Georgia is just 40 miles up the road, East Point. Right adjacent to East Point number two is College Park. And number three Hapeville. Since you can’t tell when you are either entering or leaving those three cities, no wonder crime just overflows. And, of course being a suburb of Atlanta, no surprise.

Two cities surprised me being on the list. Eastman was number three and Americus took the number four title. Albany ranked number six and the Golden Isle City of Brunswick ranked seven. The closest city to us, just up the road Griffin, ranked eight. 

I am sure the citizens of Dublin are just appalled at being number nine a city where a lot of Monroe Countians commute every day, Warner Robins, came in at number 10. 

The surprise not being on the dangerous list was Macon-Bibb County which has already set the record for the number of shootings/killings and are on track for another record breaking shoot-me-I-shoot-you year. 

Here in Monroe County, we have had not and are not compiling a whole lot of criminal activity. As one person told me, “if we didn’t have the Interstate and not so many motels maybe our police department could write more citations for parking too close to the parking lines downtown Forsyth”. And another comment, “maybe they would have time to go to traffic control school so they could learn how to direct traffic in downtown Forsyth.”

About the sheriff’s department, this comment: “we are pleasantly surprised at the great job our sheriff and deputies are doing. I wish they could do something about those persons throwing and dumping trash on our county’s roads and rights of way”.

As an addition to that comment was this idea: “maybe the sheriffs’ department could get finger prints and DNA samples from all the beer bottles and cans tossed on the county roads”. 


IF YOU don’t believe our county is growing, the front page story that 221 new homes is just one of the indicators that Monroe County has been finally discovered and an ideal place raise a family and invest in. 

Opportunities still abound in anticipation of growth and interstate traffic. I have often said of the past, we are sitting on a ham sandwich and starving to death. Well, that “ham sammich” has been discovered and is being nibbled on.


LAST WEEK, both the Forsyth City Council and the county commissioners held their first meetings of the New Year. Here are some unattributed Forsyth Council member comments; “I forgot my iPad”; “Point taken”; “They may do so at any time”; “If our guys can do it”; “Do what is right and fair”; “There you go”; “The next question for me”; “That’s been on my mind”; “Can I raise my hand for everybody”; “This year I got to check ‘yes’”: “All hearts and minds clear?’


OVER AT the county commission meeting, which was held at the Conference Center, county employees and retiring employees were honored with citations for their work for the county.

After all the honoring, it was down to business with now former (now un-re-elected) county commissioner from District 1 not wanting to let go and wanting to stay in his former spotlight. His diatribes failed to stop commissioner George Emami’s county approval of building tiny homes. As you have read, commissioners approved Commissioner Emami’s development on Smith Road.

Several people scratched their heads wondering why the ex-commissioner was so adamantly opposed to the tiny house development. The conclusion of several head scratchers was “wonder if the former commissioner had/has been hired by the developer of the H&H Timberlands to help with their city annexed property”. 

Here are just a few county commissioner unattributed comments: “Couldn’t get enough guys to work with me”; “Now we’ve got something good out there”; “I’m not trying to parse words”; “I can’t remember when we did that”; “I want to do what is right”. 

Reviewing the county checks that were written, the City of Forsyth was paid $9,488.62 for Energy (utilities). We also paid Macon Water Authority $1,637.45 for water and this one, $405, to the Office of Insurance and Safety---get ready for this one----elevator fees. Wonder if the county is going to start charging for riding the elevator in the county office building? Insert one quarter to ride, two quarters for second floor and three quarters for third floor. Just remember: I told you first. 


GIRD YOUR LOINS and pay attention to what began in Atlanta Monday. Our three state representatives and senator began their 40 days under the Gold Dome and their 40 nights of cajoling and being cajoled by lobbyists intent on getting what they and their clients want as low and special privileges. 

I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating: we have the best three legislators and senator who can and intently work for us. I am proud to proud of them: Reps. Susan Holmes, Robert Dickey and Dale Washburn and Sen. John Kennedy.


AND THIS from Willie Nelson: “I was there I just don’t remember where”.


NO CORRECT answer to last week’s The Question so here is this week’s question: what is the name of our local state senator? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Scoops single scoop, Reporter t-shirt and Forsyth Main Street t-shirt.

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