Don Daniel

I was practically raised in the post office. My grandfather, Papa, was the postmaster at Harrison, Ga., and was named United States Postmaster of the Year. Sorry I don’t remember the exact year but according to my recollection it was in the late 40’s maybe early 50’s. The first and only time he flew in an airplane was when he and his cousin, also a postmaster in Helena, Ga., flew to Washington, D.C. for Papa to accept the national award. 

Oh yeah. My step-grandfather was a mail carrier in Summertown, Ga. Both grandparents were appointed to their positions because they were dyed-in-the-wool, yellow dog Democrats, or so they “confessed” since they were “appointed” by Democrat U.S. Presidents. Sneakily, I think they voted Republican. Kept their mouths shut and kept their jobs and getting a retirement check.

Now that I have gotten that little bit of history out of the way, I have always depended on the United States Post Office for sending and receiving mail, birthday cards, get well cards, bank overdraft notices, Christmas and Easter cards, you get the idea, just mail. Guess I have to include third class junk mail as mail as well as hearing aid flyers and ED suggestions as mail.

Now to the meat of this column: My daughter and two grand-children have lived in McDonough, Ga., same house, same address, for the last 30 years. Over the years I have mailed them letters, packages and never had a problem until now. I mailed her some information, first class, using a “Forever Stamp”, same 30-year address. 

Here comes the amazement: two weeks after mailing the letter at the Forsyth Post Office, lo and behold, the addressed letter was returned to me with the yellow stripe message, “Return To Sender. Not Deliverable As Addressed. Unable To Forward”. 

I immediately called my daughter with the question, “have you moved?”. And of course her answer was no. She had no idea what was going on. Guess I should go to the Forsyth Post Office where the letter was mailed and see if they can give me an answer.

Betcha, I will be told they are getting their “act” together in anticipation of mailing ballots to every citizen, illegal alien, and whomever. Gotta admit, I got my stimulus check at my mailing address here on Blount Road where I have lived for the last 50 years. 

But wait! I have received mail in the last two weeks, addressed to residents who do not live at my address and not on Blount Road. I am beginning to wonder what surprise the post office will pull on me next time, maybe seeds from China. Would not be surprised. 

Hey, here’s an idea: let’s send Chinese kudzu seeds. No, kudzu doesn’t have seeds, or so I have been told, so let’s send kudzu roots. 


THE MARY Persons trainer is Sean Boland and Michael Smallwood was the first answering The Question. Michael receives a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Scoops singe dip of ice cream, slice of Jonah’s Pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, dozen Dunkin Donuts and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt.

Here’s The Question for this week: Stacy Canady is going to be teaching a new language at Mary Persons. What language is she going to be teaching? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the goodie certificate. 


GETTING SERIOUS for a couple of sentences:  I am not in favor of removing/tearing down any Confederate statue or memorial for a very good reason. They should be left standing to remind us all that slavery will never happen again. Tearing them down will erase history which then will repeat itself.  


I HAVE compared the spending by the county commissioners as spending like drunk sailors on their first leave with wads of cash. I will admit they are spending for upgrades in our county EMS and Fire Departments, long overdue spending $205,000 for an ambulance and other equipment. Just hope the anticipated cash windfall doesn’t become a burden and taxes will eventually be raised. 

Here are some things our tax money was spent: $400 for breakfast at El Tejado, classified as “education & training”; $3,227.66 for a radio for Durango; $5,552.88 paid to Raffield Tire Master, Inc. for inventory; $3,103.15 to Richo for equipment (copiers) rental; $145,000 to Texas Fire Trucks  of a rescue truck and a velocity platform; $42,058 which was charged to the United Bank credit card which included charges Holiday Inn Express—Oregon, $96; Hertz Rent-A-Car Oregon, $301.63; McDonalds-Oregon, $12. Must be for a deputy to pick up the teen in Oregon accused of persuading his teenage girlfriend in Forsyth to kill her mom and brother. 

Eighty-one checks were written totaling $516,895.14.


AT THE COUNTY Commission meeting held at the Conference Center, here are a few unattributed commissioner comments: “That makes sense”; “We are not complex enough”; “Communities in growth mode”; “The ‘onus’ comes back to us”; I can’t articulate”; “It’s over my head”; “What you just said”; “they have their ducks in a row”.


MOST INTERESTING: obviously refusing to accept defeat at the polls, former county commission chairman candidate James David Bilderback, aka Mike Bilderback, has declared himself as a write-in candidate for county commission chairman in the Nov. 3 general election according to an advertisement in last week’s Reporter edition.


DOGGONE IT! I missed “Fight Night Forsyth”. Anybody know who won? It was held at the MC Recreation Department this past Saturday night.


HO HUM! Forsyth’s Housing Authority is finally giving itself a kick start to do something about the 17 blighted properties in the city. If the “no action committee” is waking up and the city has a “code enforcement guy”, just maybe something will be torn down. As the taxi driver on Bimini stated, “Yeah man, been dat way for three years” referring to why the grass had not been mowed at the island’s city hall.

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