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 have written of my uncle Billy who landed on Omaha Beach. The trauma he went through as a foot soldier haunted him for his whole life. Not until his elder years did he stop having hellish nightmares that woke him and his wife. He refused, for the longest time, to talk about his getting wounded and the deaths that surrounded him in the battle across France into Germany. 

It was early in my life that I began to see the patriotism that personified his devotion to God and country. When NPR began broadcasting a program on the night of the fourth of July, Uncle Billy began a family tradition of devoutly watching “A Capitol Fourth”. So, that is how I have spent a lot of my Fourth of July nights, sometimes like Uncle Billy, watching a rerun later in the night. Getting chill bumps when the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” came on. I always turned the TV volume all the way up!

This past Fourth was spectacularly overwhelming and a topper and then to have President Donald Trump use his patriotism to praise and appreciate our armed forces. Disgustingly absent was the lack of support from Democrats and their attempts to politicize patriotism for their own 20 seconds of fame. 

As my good friend Terry Link so appropriately summed it up: “It’s all the Democrats’ fault. It’s all the Republicans’ fault. No, it OUR fault for allowing a--es like you to stay in office and fight each other instead of working for the good of this great country!” Amen Terry.

Boy, that felt good to write! 

LAST TUESDAY night, prior to the regularly scheduled county commission meeting, about 70 Monroe Countians showed up for a special public hearing on internet reliability and accessibility for all. Representatives from Southern Rivers EMC, Central Georgia EMC, AT&T, a private provider and representative from ACCG (Association of County Governments) all had their time in the barrel. 

A brief synopsis of all the information could be boiled down to a couple of statements: providing fast, reliable, dependent and affordable internet service is going to be expensive for everybody; secondly, there was not a definitive time frame as to when it will be available.

It was interesting seeing two of our three state representatives and senator listening intently. 

DISCOVERED THIS when I got my county water bill, which was either $42.47 or $43.47. I had to pay the $43.47 amount because I paid it by mail! I guess if I had gone by the office, I could have saved a dollar, paying the $42.47. If I had been late, paying the bill on my birthday, Aug. 9, I would have to pay $53.57.

HERE ARE some outstanding checks the county paid from our taxes: $69,966.25 paid to Akins Ford Dodge Jeep for three Dodge Chargers; $7,659.43 to AT&T for utilities and telephone; we paid Caitlin B. Jackson $507.41 for travel for Ag and 4H Programing; Central Georgia EMC $7,184 for a lot of electricity at various county locations; Georgia Power got a check for only $1,007.39;  $15,369 to F-5 Hauling Services for a month’s bulk/yard waste; Georgia Forestry Commission got a check for $18,218 for agreement for wildfire suppression; Georgia Technology Authority got $4,678 for “utilities”; Hubbard Alumni Association got their $675 for third quarter appropriation; we paid Macon Water Authority $23,820.74 for their supplying flushable and drinking water; Monroe County Counseling Center got $13,000 for their third quarter appropriation; $9,998.42 went to Monroe County Health Department for their monthly appropriation; a whopping $79,594.45 was sent to Monroe County Hospital for monthly appropriations and DA and Extension rental; Piedmont Electrical got a check for $59.701.67; the new fire station that has been the subject of a lot of conversation is still under construction and Pro Construction of Georgia got $57,518.64; get ready for this one, $138,400 for a grapple truck from Wade Ford; not itemized other than motor vehicle maintenance services, we sent West Chatham Warning Devices a check for $42,421.03.

These were some payments that jumped out from the 83 checks totaling $833,824.69 were written.

After 30 minutes of micro-managing, the commissioners approved paving with concrete at the new fire station parking areas, much to the chagrin and consternation of Commissioner Larry Evans who wanted tar. Reporter Richard Dumas explains in this issue. Read it. Here are a few unattributed commissioner comments:

“The whole nine yards”;

“We got’em cheap, cheap, cheap”;

“A little bird whispered in my ear”;

“We are getting the shaft”;

“You asked me a question. I am gonna answer”;

“Okay. You through?”

“I’m being a little facetious 

DON’T FORGET, “The Addams Family---A New Musical” opens at The Rose Theater Friday night at 7:30. The box office is now open thru tomorrow and July 15-18 from 4 to 7 p.m. Eight shows are planned and you can make reservations by calling 478-994-0443. Looking forward to seeing you there. 

THE FIRST correct answer to last week’s The Question was from Donna Gordon identifying Joey Speir as having lost 80 pounds using Zumba, FitCo. Donna gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, slice of Jonah’s Pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, dessert at The Sweet Tea in Bolingbroke, single dip of ice cream at Scoops, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, sandwich, chips and drink at The Pickled Okra.

Here’s The Question for this week: who did the “they think they are they fabulous five” appoint to the hospital board to replace long-serving member Kate Cotton? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets the best certificate in Monroe County. 

I FOUND it rather strange with the response from the Forsyth Police Chief when I asked how many FPD officers patrolled Forsyth at night. His response was that he would not be giving information that could be used by criminals. Duh!

How many Mayor, City Manager: one, two, three or none? By the way, the Chief didn’t have the correct phone number to call if you are being robbed, etc. City manager gave the correct number, 478-993-1005, or call 911 anytime. To empathetically urge you, call 911. Consolation, the chief ain’t gonna answer! And this from the chief: call the PD. Make an appointment.

Here are a few unattributed Forsyth city council member comments:

“Councilman Hewett: We paid you $10 to eat breakfast…you and Melvin”; 

“I should a heard it the first time”;

“Okay…I gotcha”; 

“We’ve been blessed”;

“Everybody wants speed bumps”;

“Stop sign city”.

“Scared the crap out of me”.

Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at