Don Daniel

I have had lots of comments about the length of football games and how a 60-minute sports event often stretches out to three and often four hours. Some of the reasons are the number of penalties, timeouts and advertising that is built in. All of those factors got me to wondering more about penalties, the kind and number. Of course there are the more common penalties: holding, offsides, pass interference and the ones that result in first downs and half-way-to-the-goal walk-offs. 

With all the long hair flowing out from under the helmets of both pro and college players, I have wondered if there was/is a “hair snatching/grabbing” penalty. I played football in high school and we were taught that we were representatives of the school and proper dress attire and personal neatness were expected by the coaches and school. If our hair got too long, hanging out from the helmets, before we went to practice or played in a game, a haircut was required and it was a ultrashort crew cut. 

I guess the whole point I am attempting to express is that I just don’t understand the lack of personal hygiene long hair represents to me. Guess dreadlocks wearers are saying, “look who I am.”

I have never heard of a hair-snatching tackle but sure would like to see some hair snatching and the penalty that would result. 

And writing of sports, the California legislature is considering a law that would pay college football players and I assume any other college sports players. I am in favor of that as long as no scholarships, no free dorm rooms, no free books, no free meals are given, and if they require class attendance. You get the idea.

I DIDN’T take Latin in high school but it was offered particularly if you were thinking about going to college. I went to college and didn’t feel not studying Latin in high school impaired me. But Spanish impaired me for three quarters. So I am going to give you a fast lesson in Latin.

Constantly over the last couple of weeks, we have heard our president being accused of “quid pro quo” and the Democrats using the term to attempt impeaching President Trump. If you are a Democrat you have to use the term in all conversations and particularly when you are being interviewed by CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, ABC, CBS and Pravda.

As The Wall Street Journal points out, we are familiar with Latin when we hear “magna cum laude” used to refer to a student who was smart enough not to flunk out of high school and college and had straight “A’s” and no social life.

Here is the simple meaning of “quid pro quo”; this for that. Guess that means if you pay $6 for a six-pack of Bud, you have received something for something, in other words, quid pro quo. 

AS WAS reported, there was a meeting of the city, county and GDOT high mucketey-mucks to discuss the truck lanes that are going to, according to a Forsyth city councilman, totally destroy many Forsyth businesses located adjacent to I-75.

Again, it was an informative meeting emphasizing that the idea of the truck lanes are a long, long way into the future and no bulldozing is imminent. 

I totally agree truck traffic is emerging as the primary mode of moving goods from the port in Savannah into the Atlanta market. Remember we get a healthy infusion of fine money from the weigh station.

Many years ago, 18-wheelers were required to use the right hand lane only and could only get out of that lane to pass another. That was the law. The Georgia Motor Trucking Association, led by a friend---Ernie Quigley----lobbied the Georgia Legislature to change the law so that trucks could use the right hand, middle and left hand lanes. Let’s revert back to 18-wheelers can only use the right hand lane. Would save a lot of taxpayer money.

COME FRIDAY, we just may see “destruction” under way on the downtown site for the ultra-modern Forsyth City Hall. Twenty companies responded to the demolition bids and a company out of North Atlanta was awarded the bid to do the job for $81,500 with the job being completed before Christmas.

Hey, county employees don’t feel bad because Forsyth city employees are not getting a raise either, that was the vote at last week’s Forsyth meeting. 

Remember the Segway scooter that former Forsyth Police Chief Keith Corley scooted around town on? Wonder where they are now? Been told they are in storage, but nobody seems to know where. Maybe Mayor Wilson, instead of his golf cart, and city Manager Janice Hall could use one to patrol their dominion. Just an idea.

Here are a few unattributed council member comments: “Could you integrate that”; “A shotgun house”; “That’s different from what I am talking about”; “I’m not saying they are not important”; “Regret now I think”; “Understand what I am saying”.

AGAIN NO correct answer to last week’s “The Question” which was Bill Weaver. So, here’s The Question for this week; how many days has it been since the County Commissioners have refused to release the public document on the investigation of the alleged “harassment” by Larry Evans? Guess Will hasn’t paid the county attorney fees or county manager hasn’t approved the release of the investigation.

The first correct answer after 12 noon Thursday, gets a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, dozen Dunkin donuts, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, single dip of your choice of Scoops ice cream, slice of Jonah’s pizza and a t-shirt from Forsyth Main Street. 

Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at mediadr@bellsouth.