You saw/heard the news about some church members out in Texas stopping a potential church massacre with a couple of the parishioners quick on the draw and killing the intentions of the deranged. I go to a small church. I know most of the people sitting in the pews and the congregation always welcomes strangers and newcomers. What I don’t know nor care to know is how many of the congregation are “packing heat”.  

More and more church’s deacons and pastors are offering firearms training, bringing in legitimate and licensed gun toters to train certain members of the congregation on how to protect those praying, singing and listening to the sermon. I was told a few years ago classes were given by our Sheriff’s office to local churches on how to provide their own church security program, and it was not how to throw a Bible or hymnal. 

I understand it was offered at the church in Texas and obviously it was worth the training. Prayers and training were answered.

I JUST don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I did have a bowl of oyster stew on New Year’s Eve hoping for a positive change in my life. As I heard a person lament, “I make New Year’s resolutions that last until New Year’s Day. Always makes for interesting conversations at New Year’s Eve parties”.

I asked a couple of “sages” and prognosticators what was in the future for Forsyth and Monroe County. He/she convinced me several of their last year’s crystal ball predictions came true: (1) Forsyth city council would lose their suit against the railroad and NS would close the Indian Springs crossing; (2) Chief of Monroe County and EMS would be dismissed, offered the opportunity to resign; (3) the county manager will not stay in the job through 2020; (4) the T-SPLOST would not pass; the present county commission chairman and District One commissioner will keep their seats in the 2020 election.

No cheating, but share a couple of your prognostications and I will share, anonymously with the readers of this column. 

OBVIOUSLY I did not correctly nor clearly ask “The Question”,  how many dollar stores are there in Monroe County. Debbie Nelson answered “I think the answer to the questions is three dollar stores”. There are six Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc. in Monroe County. Debbie you are still going to get the goodie certificate.

Here’s The Question for this week: How much is it going to cost us taxpayers to have the former Hubbard Middle School demolished? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday, gets a certificate for a Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, single dip of ice cream from Scoops, dozen Dunkin donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, slice of Jonah’s pizza and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt.

LEGISLATION HAS been passed by our U.S. Congress and is waiting on President Trump’s signature that could fine robocallers $1,000 per call for nuisance and scam calls. I wonder if that law is applicable to President Trump?

Just this past weekend, The President “called” me three times. Each time I told him I was going to vote for him but I could not afford to send him a donation because I had not yet received my pittance Social Security check. 

THIS IS how our national government works. Here’s the story: For a company coming off its best year ever, Amtrak reported an adjusted (whatever that means) operating loss of---get ready---$29.8 billion.

HERE’S ANOTHER government story and it is a local story about how our local tax money is going to be spent: Not to be outdone by the City of Forsyth building a “dog park”, the Board of Education is considering building a park with part of the money it is going to cost to demolish the Hubbard Middle School building. 

And again not to be outdone, the BOE is also considering a walking trail and playground. How many parks does the City of Forsyth have/proposed? Six. 

ONE MORE ridiculous “guvment” story: the outrage over vaping and consequent deaths with e-cigarettes reached the “hallowed halls of Congress” with the intention to ban against all types of those flavored electric puffing devices.

President Trump was hell-fired and determined to eliminate all forms, flavors and usage of e-smokes but all of a sudden, the e-cigarette lobby opened their billfolds and check books and the intentions of Congress and President Trump got flushed.

The only thing that got banned was the flavored juices with nicotine and menthol flavors still abundantly available. 

I DON’T THINK the Forsyth Police Department and Monroe County Sheriffs’ Department have changed their policies in regard to high-speed chases. But Atlanta’s mayor announced no more high-speed chases in the city. Will the county, Forsyth and State Patrol cease the high-speed chases? Wonder if The Pit Maneuver can still be used. 

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