Don Daniel

There is a crisis we have in America, one our government is attempting to wrap votes around and that is the opioid crisis on just about every street corner and raging in just about every ‘burg. The pain killers have addicted our government to finding a cure, with lawyers lining up to sue any and all opioid manufacturers.

I got this email which sorta explains why there is such an addiction: most doctors prescribe the opioid as a legitimate pain reducer. According to addicts, long after the pain is gone not being able to kick the opioid dependency use after the pain is gone is where the problem is.

A majority of doctors and pharmacists realize what started the problem but a solution is far less obtainable. Pharmacists have to fill the legitimate prescription as prescribed by the issuing physician.

I HAVEN’T see the ladies playing bridge at The Pickled Okra lately but having seen them play, brought back early memories of my parents and grandparents playing the game. As a matter of fact, I have the original card table they played on. 

What brought this to my attention was a story in The Wall Street Journal lamenting the declining interest in bridge and bridge players. The card game was a social event---to some extent---when my mother hosted “two tables” with her lady friends. There was not much gossip going on, just making sure no one “reneged” and the bid was made.

Then there were “couple bridge” parties where eight (two tables) gathered once a month. I learned to play bridge watching, listening and every once in a while “sitting” in for someone who had to “excuse” themselves. Scared to bid, followed suit and once in a while, “trumping” someone.

Of course, sweet tea, water or coffee was served along with a home-made something or other if the bridge party was at night. Afternoon brought a different menu. Of course there was the infamous pear salad, half of a canned pear on a piece of lettuce, with shredded cheese and a dollop of mayonnaise. And then there was the inevitable piece d’ resistance: tomato aspic! I will go no further.

Playing bridge at UGA almost got me in trouble. With a lapse between classes, it was head off to the student union to find a bridge game. Many times too often I skipped the next class just to get in one more hand. I got caught by Dean William Tate since he received “complaints” I was not attending classes as I should. At his insistence I decreased my bridge play.

MARY PERSONS’ valedictorian was Rilyn McKallip and Allison White was the salutatorian and Jennifer Martin was first to identify them for The Question. Jennifer gets a certificate for Scoops single dip ice cream, dozen Dunkin donuts, slice of Jonah’s pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, dairy Queen Blizzard, Sweet Tea dessert, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, The Pickled Okra sandwich, drink chips.

Here’s The Question for this week: Dr. Richard Bazemore won what top honor? First correct answer after 12 noon gets the best of Monroe Count certificate.

WITH THE decision by the Forsyth City Council to stay with the ultra-modern, plate-glass design for the new city hall, maybe they should change the signs on I-75 from Historic Downtown Forsyth, to Used-To-Be-Historic Downtown Forsyth. 

ACCORDING TO the latest hotel/motel tax collections by the City of Forsyth, in February $44,212.46 was collected with $26,527.48 going into the city treasury and $17,684.98 sent to the Forsyth Convention and Visitors Bureau. Holiday Inn Express paid $8,936.55. Hampton Inn came in second paying $7,273.64. LaQuinta was in the number three slot paying $5.718.59.

The lowest tax paid, $273.84, came from New Forsyth Inn which is undergoing massive room renovations and decorations. It is the oldest hotel in Forsyth. 

THIS DAY in time, I am no longer surprised at what kind of “attack” we can come under. Surviving a cyber-attack such as the one reported on Monroe County Hospital has and is as commonplace as a shooting in Chicago, daily if not more often. 

The response by Navicent Health, Monroe County Hospital CEO Loraine Smith and Hospital Board Chairman Mac Brown was immediate and positive.

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