Don Daniel

Confession time! Remember the classic Wendy’s ad with the lady asking “where’s the beef?” That’s the same question I wanted to ask after succumbing to Burger King’s hoopla advertising campaign for their new veggie Whopper. Trust me it ain’t a real-meat Whopper. Has all the pickles, lettuce and special sauce, but it is no real Whopper. 

After a couple of bites and even trying it without the bun and condiments, it was tasteless beef, more like what I think of when I see a cow chewing cuds. You know, grass. 

WELL LOOKS like two of Forsyth’s incumbent councilmen didn’t get a free ride in the upcoming Forsyth city election coming up on Nov. 5. Mayor Eric Wilson and councilman Greg Goolsby got a free ride, but Councilman Melvin Lawrence will be on the ballot with “want your seat” Rosemary Walker. As a side note, Rosemary was on the front page of the first issue of this newspaper---Nov. 7, 1972----when she was elected Mary Persons’ Homecoming Queen. She also was on student council. 

Council member and former mayor John Howard is being challenged by Walter Goodson. That could be a right ugly race.

Guess if Rosemary gets elected and being the only female, Forsyth’s city council members will no longer be referred to as councilmen, becoming gender neutral and referred to as councilpersons. 

ON a less serious side, this from the Wall Street Journal: Chinese consume (eat) 67 pounds of pork per capita per year. Americans are less porkie, consuming 51 pounds per person per year. A lot of that is consumed on holidays like the one we just celebrated, Labor Day. 

THERE HAS been a committee appointed and named to start the planning on Monroe County’s Bicentennial. We had our first meeting last week with Historical Society Chairman Ralph Bass at the helm and Forsyth CVB executive director Gilda Stanberry helping to row the boat.

Conspicuously absent or not appointed were representatives of the Forsyth-Monroe County of Commerce and Downtown Development Authority. I am sure their involvement will become necessary and voluntary as plans for the party/celebration become more solidified and all ideas for the event are flushed out. 

Monroe County was created on May 15, 1821, so the 200th celebration will be in 2021.

THE FIRST correct answer to last week’s The Question identifying Annie as Monroe County’s cutest dog was from Shannon Randall. He gets a certificate for a dozen Dunkin donuts, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Dairy Queen Blizzard, slice of Jonah’s pizza, single dip of ice cream from Scoops, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt. 

Here’s The Question for this week: Columnist Sloan Oliver’s new hero is? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the goodie certificate. 

I CLASSIFY our hotels and motels---14---as an integral segment of our “industrial complex” simply because of the number of people they have working, the investments they have made/make and the amount of hotel/motel tax collected for Forsyth. 

For example, just in the month of June the City of Forsyth collected $41,247.20 in hotel/motel tax with the city getting $24,748.37 and the Convention and Visitors Bureau getting the balance $16,498.91 to promote Forsyth tourism. Multiply those two numbers by twelve and you can see just what impact as an industry our hotels have on the local economy. 

Here are some more numbers that add to the validity they are an industry; in 2018, $506,388.29 with $202,555.32 going to the CVB to promote us! Those two figures do not include what the hotels pay in monthly water and electric bills, plus city and country taxes!

The number one hotel collecting the most tax for June was Holiday Inn Express, collecting and paying $8,415.01. Coming in at number two, Hampton Inn paid $7,098.02. Number three, LaQuinta Inn and Suites, collected and paid $4,646.13. Number four was Days Inn $3,579.16. Coming in at fifth, Comfort Inn and Suites paid $2,947.46.

The lowest amount of tax paid, $113.00 came from Budget Inn.

OVER AT the county, it was bill-paying time, with $350.957.79 in payments which included $9.49 paid to Office Depot for peppermints. We must have a lot of “pets” since we paid Caldwell Veterinary Hospital $1,156.04 for Jack, Bella, Margot, Brownie, Goose, Xibi and Rocky, who alone had a total of $1,087.71 for his visit to Dr. Butler. 

Wonder if the “new” shirts the commissioners and other county employees are sporting around was part of $1,221.63 bill we paid for uniforms and May rentals. Montgomery Printing got a check for $77.53 for uniforms.

Inmates in the county jail got fed pretty good since we paid $17,046.80 to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center for their meals, July alone. Also besides eating “high on the hog”, we paid Correct Health $15,513.26 for inmates’ medical and dental. 

Critter Control obviously controlled some kind of annoying county critters since they got paid $300.

I’VE GOT a lot more I could tell you about, but I have run out of the space Will allots me.

Don Daniel is the founder and former publisher of The Monroe County Reporter. Email him at