Don Daniel

If there is one county employee that I don’t envy it is Junior Watts. He has more bosses than anybody I know, five county commissioners, a county manager and every Monroe Countian. Junior is our county road superintendent. When it comes to county road pot-holes, muddy roads and even when the right-of-way on county roads needs to be mowed, usually Junior sends the mowers out at least a couple of times a mowing season. 

On state roads, the state Department of Transportation (DOT) waits until a giraffe head is visible in the right-of-way and then they go to mowing. The only problem with both the county and state mower crews is they do not pick up right-of-way trash before they mow because the mower can’t see the trash bevcause the weeds are so high. In other words, besides the grass and weeds, stuff that has been hiding beneath the overgrowth and is going to get mutilated, strewn all over where thrown out trash was hiding in the three foot or higher right-of-way weeds. I am surprised the state has not discovered homeless persons living the often waist-high grass. 

Teresa Hobbs is also concerned about the litter problems on our highways. She emailed me the following: “Hello Don: I am emailing you because I am at a loss regarding a horrible litter problem here. I have written to the city council and called the county with no results. My husband and I built a home here (on Zellner Road) a few months ago. We have never seen anything like the litter around here. Anything from empty liquor bottle and beer bottles to empty food containers. I guess people are drinking and driving, then tossing their empties up and down Zellner and Smith Roads. We love living here but do not understand why people want to trash up this beautiful city and county. Today in downtown Forsyth, there was an empty beer carton. Perhaps prisoners could pick-up trash. People that are litterbugs are IDIOTS!!!!!”

The county is supposed to be using prisoners from the local prison to pick-up trash. Maybe Junior just hasn’t gotten the word. 


AS YOU know, looks like the city is going to have you wear a mask everywhere in the city including participating private businesses. The Forsyth Police Department will warn you for the first offense and issue you a ticket if you’re caught maskless again. Sorta reminds me of the ordinance you could be issued a ticket by the FPD if you parked closer than 12 inches next to a parking spot line. Wonder how many they have issued?

Also, I wonder who is going to be the first person issued a no-mask-wearing ticket. 

Here are some Forsyth City Council members’ unattributed comments: “I recall sitting here”; “I just didn’t hear it all”; “I’d like to speak to the issue”; “Not quite as garish”; “It is a huge place”; “We’ve gone from daylight to dark”; “Times change”; “You do what you want to do”; “I hate being the four-to-one vote”; “Can you hear me? I can’t hear you”; “That’s my soapbox for tonite”.


I WATCHED the opening day of the Falcons season playing the Seattle Seahawks and the stadium “fan” noise was overwhelming until the cameras showed nobody in the stands. “Fake fan” noise dubbed in over the live broadcasters calling the game attempting to convince us and fool us the stadiums were jampacked with fans. I changed the channel choosing not to listen to propaganda noise. 


THE QUESTION but not “The Question” is how long will it be before the county adopts a resolution requiring everybody in the county to be required to wear a mask. They have already done that over in Sparta and Hancock County.


THE FIRST correct answer to last week’s The Question came from Charlotte Collins identifying former sheriff L.C. Bittick as the one whose farm equipment was stolen. She gets a certificate for a Dairy Queen Blizzard, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, slice of Jonah’s pizza, Forsyth Main Street t-shirt, single scoop of Scoops ice cream and a Reporter t-shirt.

Here goes The Question for this week: What is the name of the new High Falls park manager? First correct answer after 12 noon Thursday gets the prize certificate. 


OVER AT the county it was bill paying time. With a $30,441.75 paid to AT&T for a lot of their services; County Attorney Ben Vaughn got a $6,077.91 for a month’s legal services. Butts County Water & Sewer Service got paid $29,445.95 for their water for us; $101,826.67 to Monroe County Hospital for everything from inmate medical service to monthly taxpayer appropriations. Forty one checks were written for $242,417.61.


TRANSITIONING FROM burning coal to produce electricity is under way out in Utah, a major coal producing state. A power plant is converting to natural gas which is under future consideration for Plant Scherer. A suggestion to “Our Five”….spend that coal tax money while you can.


TAP ON on the cheap while you can is advice from the county if you live in the Juliette/Rum Creek area and you want/need county water. As an incentive, the tap-on rate has been lowered to $500. You gonna have to pay an additional a $75 refundable deposit for installation. 


HERE’S A definition you might need to use sometime, but hope not: Misdemeanor, n: An infraction of the law having less dignity than a felony and constituting no claim to admittance into the best criminal society.

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