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One of the last items on county commissioners’ recent agenda under Public Comments, was “L. Confederate Statue, Lisa Harris.” Ms. Harris was a no show. In preparation for Ms. Harris, county manager Jim Hedges had given commissioners a copy of state law “2010 Georgia Code, Title 50 State Government , Chapter 3---State Flag, Seal and Other Symbols, Article 1-State and Other Flags, Section 50-3-1-Descripton of state flag; militia to carry flag; defacing public monuments; obstruction of Stone Mountain”.

Hedges also issued a memo to commissioners: “I am led to believe that Ms. Lisa Harris will address the Board of Commissioners during the to (sic) Public Comments regarding the removal of the Confederate Statue on the Courthouse Square”. He also attached the history of the Confederate Soldier monument.

Eventually, commissioners may have to face the issue. That will cause anguish, pros and cons, and could become an emotional and dividing issue in our community, hopefully not causing protests that would turn into rioting. 

Speaking of which, Joe Reed of High Falls, the independent candidate for the state legislature (against Susan Holmes in November), announced he favors moving the Confederate statue to the Forsyth City Cemetery which has a section of Confederate soldiers buried there. He also serves on the Monroe County Bicentennial Committee.

I emailed Mr. Reed and asked him if he were advocating removal of the statue. His answer was not yes or no: “I am suggesting that it be moved to the Confederate Soldiers section of the cemetery. It is a statue that historically was placed, at least in part, to remind Blacks of their subservient role in the early 1900s. That is not a message that we should promote in our community. 

“I am recommending that we replace it with a statue that demonstrates our aspirations for the future and regrettable decisions of our ancestors. I want it to be moved legally and respectfully and not become a focal point to be defaced by few wayward protestors”

I don’t know whether Butts and Jones County courthouse squares have Confederate statues. But if they do, Joe Reed appears to be the “Statue Removal Candidate” in that district. 

Finally, commissioners went behind closed doors and when they came out, announced County Chief Financial Officer Lorri Robinson’s pay would increase by 5 percent. She was also allowed to be “vested” after five years. Guess that means she can’t be fired without cause and will get salary increases along with other county employees.


SEVENTY COUNTY building permits were issued in June and Ronald Hoenes was the first with last week’s The Question correct answer. He receives a certificate for a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, Dairy Queen Blizzard, single scoop of ice cream at Scoops, slice of Jonah’s Pizza, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt.

Here’s The Question for this week: name a business that advertised in the “Bolingbroke Guide” on page 1B of last week’s edition. First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets the certificate. 


AS IT was called at one time, a “hog parlor” was proposed to be built with county taxpayer money out at the county recreation complex. Well, the commissioners have given the nod for an “agricultural center” not just a hog parlor to be built that will be more of an exhibition center. $8,400 was approved for the design of the Ag Center and hog racing was mentioned.


GOING SHOPPING: according to the county fire chief, life vests have been purchased at Walmart now with approval of $1,131,000 more can be purchased to update the county fire department;

Here are a few county commissioner unattributed comments:

“If I am not mistaken”;

“In a fashion that pleased our county attorney”;

“I am thinking out loud”;

“I’ll be honest with you”; 

“At least one I have”;

“Half the trees are dead”;

“I’ve got people who go to church with me”.


THESE FROM a friend who is working from home: Did a big load of pajamas so I would have enough clean work clothes for this week. One more; if these months have taught us anything, it’s that stupidity travels faster than any virus on the planet, particularly among politicians and bureaucrats. Okay, one more: is it too early to put up the Christmas tree yet?

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