Will Davis

Intestinal fortitude. Toughness. Courage.

Where are they? Local businessman (and county commissioner George Emami) wrote about it in last week’s Reporter. His grandmother endured all kinds of hardships: the death of a child, a husband with ALS, the Depression and World War. Did she wallow and shutdown all activities? No she seemed to cock her head back, stir her courage and keep going. Where’s that today?

Monroe County’s school board cancelled another two weeks of in-person school on Tuesday for the high and middle school. 

The spread. The spread. The spread. All we hear about is “the dreaded spread”. You know when America lost this virus debate? When we conceded that people getting the virus was unacceptable. How dumb is that? You cannot stop a virus. Say it with me: You cannot stop a virus. And 99 percent of the people who get it recover quickly. Yet we have shuttered millions of businesses, closed our schools, ended dreams and hopes and sports and tossed families into poverty. The media has stirred the panic, and four board members and the superintendent appear to be embracing the fear. Some leadership lesson for our kids.

Monroe County schools are a $44 million per year operation. They spend more than $10,000 per child. If they can’t be bothered to perform the service for which they were created during a virus that has a negligible fatality rate for kids, perhaps they should just give each family $10,000 and let them find someone who will.