Will Davis

Forsyth paid city attorney Bobby Melton more than $6,000 to fend off county objections to the annexation of 1,000 acres between I-75 and Smith Road this summer.

And he won before an arbitration panel.

So he must’ve been very surprised on Monday night after all his work that council voted unanimously NOT to annex the property after all.

Council decided the anger from area residents wasn’t worth it.

Were they right? I honestly don’t know. It’s liberating sometimes NOT to have an opinion on something. I certainly sympathize with the property owner Ty Hannah. He has a lot invested in Monroe County. He’s worked hard for 17 years to find some way to get a return on his investment. And he seems more willing to appease anxious neighbors than some landowners. 

And it’s his property. Since when do Americans get to tell other Americans what they can do with their property? Why, ever since zoning laws were enacted, of course.

But I live in the country. I love living in the country. If nature calls while I’m in the yard, I like handling my business there on the pine straw. As several residents asked Monday, who wants to live next door to an industrial park?

Like I said, I don’t really have an opinion, which is unusual for me. I’ll try to do better next time.


Speaking of living in the country, have you ever been driving into Forsyth and having a cell phone conservation? Right about the time you hit city limits, the call drops? Isn’t that weird? Wouldn’t you think cell service would be better where there’s more population?

Well Dr. Greg Spence from Verizon made everyone’s day on Tuesday when he told county commissioners that a new 199-foot tower planned for Montpelier Road will solve those problems. By the way, who would’ve thought that Verizon would have a doctor in charge of installing new cell phone towers? Guess it has to be done with surgical precision?

Speaking of not wanting things in my backyard, if anyone objects to the tower, I suspect they’ll face more push back than our friends in the Smith Road area did. You don’t want to interfere with the entire town getting better cell service.


And speaking of changes, city manager Janice Hall says that two local businessmen have inquired about opening new liquor stores. If both are approved that will put Forsyth at the maximum for those. City law says there can be no more than 4 liquor stores in town. Kind of reminds of this old saw when trying to explain basic religious beliefs to someone: Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the son of God. Protestants don’t recognize the Pope. And Baptists don’t recognize each other in the liquor store.


“Will you autograph my book?”

Of course I will autograph your copy of my new book, “On the Porch”.

I even keep a box in my truck for people who just can’t wait to get to the Reporter, Castleberry Drug, U-Save-It, Henry’s or the many other stores carrying my first tome for just $17.

My six year old sometimes picks up a copy from his chair in the backseat and he always has questions.

“Day-day?” (he calls me day-day. I don’t know how long this will last), “what different things do you put in each book?”

I’ve tried for weeks now to explain that every copy of the book is the same. I think he’s kind of disappointed. It’s like he wants each book to be an original piece of artwork. Alas, when I sign my autograph with a personal message, well, then, son, yes, each book is different.

“Told ya, day-day!”