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To the Editor:

Referencing your article, Sept. 29 edition, page 2, “T.G. Scott removes book with two moms, dads”, I researched the book, in its entirety on YouTube.  T.G. Scott principal, Mr. Sanders, stated he “had not heard of the book, but, as of Monday, the book had been taken out of circulation”, explaining how books are reviewed and detailed steps how a parent can challenge a book.  The article implies Mr. Morris, the complainant, by-passed the procedure.  

“The Family Book”, describes different family components.  The offending page depicted a split picture of two women at the top half of the page & two men at the bottom half with context, “Some families have two moms & two dads”.  This isn’t a misleading or biased statement, as Mr. Morris reference as “propaganda”, would imply.  It is a factual statement. 

There are children in Monroe County living in this situation.  Does Mr. Morris know whether a child, in ANY of the situations depicted, is in his daughter’s class?  The book’s message is, regardless of differences, a family is a family.  ALL Mr. Morris gained is the author intended to “normalize” his own lifestyle and attack “conservatism” of a community.  The same can be said about perpetuating hate.  The latter is surely NOT something we should “normalize” under the guise of “conservatism” in our community.    

The book ends: “All families can help each other be strong.” “There are lots of different ways to be a family.”  “Your family is special no matter what kind it is.”  What better outlook can parents offer their children?  

 Mr. Morris didn’t say his daughter reacted to the page.  On a 2nd grade level, all that needed said was: all families are different.  There’s no need to discuss why.

Mr. Morris reacted to the page by demanding the book’s removal.  

 The principal complied, setting a scary precedent.  What’s next?  A public book burning?  Do we want to throw back this generation more than they already are?  Do we want to teach treating anyone different is ok, especially attacking their family dynamic?  I hope the MCBOE will follow due diligence before one person’s demand dictates actions.  The diversity of children enrolled in Monroe County’s schools leaves no room for discrimination, yet, this action, if reported correctly, leaves plenty of room for clarification.

Dianna Bassett