Will Davis

Monroe County voted 71 percent for Donald Trump, so perhaps the new Biden Administration will consider building one of its re-education camps for Trump supporters right here in Forsyth. You know, go where the people are, right?

It would stimulate the local economy AND allow short travel time for family members wanting to visit our many prospective inmates. A Trump Supporter Re-education Camp in the Middle of Everywhere, a chamber of commerce brochure could boast. Oh, Will, don’t be so dramatic, you say? I”m only going by what they’re telling us they want to do, to wit:

1) An attorney for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) resigned last week after being caught on tape supporting such camps for the children of Trump supporters and likening the president to Adolf Hitler.

“We go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away. And we’ll put them (Trump supporters’ children) in re-education camps,” Beller can be heard saying to an unidentified woman in the Project Veritas video. He also said the “enlightenment camps” would be akin to forcing children to watch PBS and Sesame Street. 

Beller’s contempt for Trump fans was caught on one of those undercover Project Veritas videos from this fall. The late CNN commentator Michael Kinsley used to quip that a “gaffe” in Washington is when someone slips up and tells the truth. Well this is a gaffe. Beller revealed not only the dark fascistic desires lurking in his own heart, but probably spoke for most of the denizens of The Swamp as well. Their contempt for Trump and his supporters hasn’t been a well-guarded secret. Washington has spent the past four years trying to eject Trump The Outsider from the body politic, in the same way that cancer cells try to kill off any healthy cells that don’t share in their parasitic spread. Washington media decry Project Veritas as an unethical outfit that does hit jobs on powerful people connected to the government or major media. We have a name for people who do such things. They’re called journalists.

Anyway, the Buller “gaffe” is just one example of Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) expressing their desire to exact revenge on Trump supporters. 

2) Big Tech has already done its part by banning Trump from social media sites. And former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos told CNN this weekend that the purge should go further.

Stamos suggested conservative news outlets One America News and Newsmax be deplatformed following the siege of the Capitol and the proliferation of “radical views” online.

“We have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences. There are people on YouTube, for example, that have a larger audience than daytime CNN, and they are extremely radical and pushing extremely radical views,” Stamos said Sunday on CNN’s Reliable Sources. 

There’s a word for such actions: it’s called censorship. It’s common in socialist and communist dictatorships.

3) Not to be outdone, Democrat congressman Steve Cohen on Monday slandered the 25,000 National Guardsmen protecting the Capitol for Biden’s “virtual” inauguration. He said they should be vetted because they may be Trump supporters who might cause trouble for the new administration. 

“The [National] Guard is 90 some-odd percent male; and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden … there are probably not more than 25% of the people there protecting us that voted for Biden.”

Cohen said the Guard is predominantly more conservative than the general population.

 “75 percent are in the class that would be in the large class of folks who might want to do something,” Cohen said. “There were military people and police who took oaths to defend the Constitution…who didn’t do it and were in the insurrection.”

While Cohen clarified that he had no evidence that National Guardsmen were plotting to disrupt Biden’s inauguration, he added that Trump-supporting guardsmen would still be “suspect.”

“You draw a circle first, and the first circle is people who voted for Trump and not for Biden, as far as…the zone of people who you’d be suspect of. The suspect group is large,” Cohen said.

Ah, the ole Enemies of the State thing. Guilty until proven innocent. Again, very common in communist states.

4) Finally, NBC’s Jeremy Bash said the FBI must ramp up spying on Trump supporters after the capitol “riot”.

You see what’s happening in our country right now. Democrats despise not just Trump, but his supporters. And now they have secured power, they are working overtime to push conservatives to the margins. They are trying to turn us into second-class citizens. They are trying to use the power of government to punish and shame people for their political beliefs.

I never thought I’d see it happen in America.

It’s ironic, I suppose. On Monday, we honored the memory of a civil rights hero who insisted that America live up to its ideals to treat everyone equally. Martin Luther King Jr. rightfully urged us to no longer treat one group of people as second-class citizens. Then on Wednesday we inaugurated an administration determined to do just that. God help us all.