Don Daniel

Don’t get bored with this statement: I have covered/ reported on more than my age of Forsyth City Council and county commission meetings since 1972. With that statement made, I have often been asked, what has stood out about the two elected bodies. I am not ignoring Culloden but it has not been on my radar as often as the county and Forsyth. My first reporting on the county was when Rose Ivey was the county clerk and Malcom Smith was mayor of Forsyth. It was very simple reporting back then. 

I think you will find this story interesting. One day I went to the courthouse where I always found an interesting story on that beat. On the counter in the clerk---Ms. Minette Snow---of the court’s office, were copies of the court calendar for the upcoming Superior Court session. I picked up a copy of the calendar and Ms. Snow politely asked why I wanted the court calendar. I politely replied it was a public document and I was going to print it in next week’s Reporter.