Dale Likens

Dale Likens

One Sunday in July 2017 Will Davis brought his entire class of young, teenage boys to our mixed class of much older adults in New Providence Church. That Sunday morning I just happened to be teaching our class. Normally Will’s class of young men would attend another class for a few minutes to get acquainted and then leave to attend their own class. This Sunday I asked Will and his class if they would please stay because I had a lesson I felt would interest them. Will agreed.

The following week I presented Will and each of his students with one of my novels titled “Our Mansion on Anglin’ Road.” Will read my novel and one day approached me and said, “You’re a great writer! Why don’t you consider writing for our ‘Reporter?’ I sure would like to have you aboard.”

On July 26, 2017 my first article was published in the Monroe County Reporter. Since that date, I am honored to say I have written 108 articles for Will Davis and the “Reporter” newspaper. Not once during any of those 108 articles did Will Davis suggest any topics to write on, nor did he ever correct or change any of my articles to fit his ideas or beliefs. Throughout the years when I would meet with Will he always thanked me for writing for the Reporter and often told me he always read my articles first because he enjoyed them so. For this and many other reasons I thank you, Will. You are truly a man of highest honor. I respect you and enjoyed our many conversations. I shall always consider you as one of my closest and truest friends! My wife and I thank you for being a true Christian friend!

Today will be my last article for the Monroe County Reporter. A few weeks ago Karen and I bought a beautiful, fairly new, brick house in Ohio. As much as she and I love Forsyth and all the new friends we have made during our past nine years of living here, it was I who suggested the move because I wanted Karen to be near her two, wonderful sisters, her brothers and their wives, my two sisters and brother and many friends from years past as we grow older. Karen immediately fell in love with the idea and cried with joy.

“I truly have mixed emotions!” She said. “I love all our friends we have made throughout our years in Georgia. I love living here! I’ll miss all my wonderful friends, but I know how much I’ll love being near my family once more! Thanks, Hon! You know I always wanted to live in a beautiful brick house!” Then through the tears, she began to laugh.

Karen’s complete acceptance to the idea of our move made it much easier on me. Since she was always my Biblical researcher for many of my articles and always proofread each of my articles, I know Karen will miss Will Davis, Diane Glidewell, Trellis Grant and Richard Dumas as much as I will. “We couldn’t have asked for any truer friends and harder workers. You are and always will be four of our favorite people forever! Thank you! Keep up the great work at the Reporter!

As many of you know, there is much work involved in getting our house ready for our move to Ohio. Please pray for us as we will for you!

Now I would like to thank all of you who have become our friends through each of my articles. Occasionally we meet some of you at Walmart, one of the local fast food restaurants or even one of our doctor’s visits, and you are kind enough to say you enjoy the articles. Thank you! You are wonderful people! Keep supporting Will, Diane, Richard, Trellis and the Reporter!

To all of you, Karen and I wish you a pleasant farewell. We will remember you in our prayers and thank you for your beautiful friendship!

Once more I thank you, Will Davis, for offering me the honor of writing for you, the wonderful people of Forsyth and the Reporter! It will always be one of my greatest honors! Thank you and God bless you all! God bless!

Editor’s note: Thank you Dale for sharing your stories and wisdom in this space the past two years. God bless you and Karen in Ohio! You will be missed.