To the Editor: 

Monroe County sent out 2019 tax notices Friday but they were mailed with an error. Whether it is pennies or dollars difference on your bill, it is the principle and the County did not check before they were mailed out.  

Go to Part C, School. Multiply the net taxable amount by the millage (0.015716) and it does not equal the amount shown under Estimated Tax. Diversified Corp. of Chattanooga, Tenn. is the company the county uses for these notices. They used the millage rate for the 2018 notices, 0.015734.

Why are we paying a company that does not check their software program or even care to proof a mailing before all our residents see this? Why is a county employee not taking the time to check and do their job thoroughly? Frankly, this is yet another piece to add to the list or as I call it a fire of complaints.

I was paying my water bill on Friday so I stopped into the tax office to be nice and make them aware of this error. I was sent into the office of deputy chief tax appraiser Bob Simmons. It was a nightmare....he was rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. I did not deserve this. Explaining to him the difference in 2018 and 2019 notices, he literally threw my 2018 notice back at me, then told me “what is your problem? Your taxes went down?” (Yes, because I am 66 and get a S4 exemption). I was not there to dispute any part of my bill except for the error I found. He got upset & wasn’t listening to me. He was bullying me, jumped out of his chair and got nose to nose in my face and could not intimidate me so he told me to leave his office. I didn’t and he would not commit at this point to admit to the error or tell anyone about it. I told him my taxes help pay his salary and he jumped up again, reached toward his back pocket for his wallet and said to me, “Let me give you $2 back”. Unbelievable! When I tried to explain again, he asked me what is wrong with me and made circles with his hand on the side of his head. I asked him if he is calling me crazy and he said, “Am I saying anything?”, he was silent & kept on doing this gesture, so I said you seem to be implying that I am crazy. He tried over and over to irritate me and was annoyed that it was Friday afternoon and at this point past 5 p.m. I can go on with his other antics, but I feel this all was inappropriate behavior for a County official that could have respectfully said, “Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will look into this and get it corrected”. I would have been satisfied with that response. No, he told me it would cost $$$$$ to resend out notices. He should have thought about that before they were mailed.  

Serene Sanchez

High Falls