To the Editor: 

I got my county water bills (3) on Aug. 2 for meter readings of July 22 (11 days), to find the new due date is no longer the 20th, now it’s the 10th. The online payment fees are unrealistic, so we depend on checks and snail mail. So we have just six days (gotta send on 8th to get there on time) to pay our water bills and avoid the now strictly enforced “on-time”-or-get-a-penalty-for-late payment (the county used to accept post mark of due date – no more, gotta “absolutely, positively be there”).

    I submitted a complaint to the county website. I am interested to see where it goes! I saw the notification of the new due date was posted on Aug. 1. With all due respect, who goes to the county website to get this information? Surely, if these new “rules” were to be imposed in a more business-like or commercial manner, we would have been given a month’s notice in LARGE PRINT on the bill to give people time to make the necessary arrangements.

 It seems that since we have the new County Manager, the spending and changes are coming thick and fast .... it’s concerning. Must be due to his domicile – too much time to think up stuff while commuting!

 I also have concerns as to the proposed County Business License and the applicable fees, also question why so many are exempted – one in, all in, or none – it’s only $50 a year with Secretary of State .... Monroe County: $175, then $125, right at Christmas – if imposed, at least consider staggering as they do for tag renewals.

 Regarding the change in the due date change for county water bills, I have asked Will Davis to congratulate the water department on their newfound efficiencies. It doesn’t seem all that long ago when I had to complain that it was taking three weeks for my check to go through the bank.

 I’ve shared this note with county commissioners George Emami and John Ambrose. Over to you.

 Laurence Byrne