To the Editor: 

Gov. Kemp has regularly boasted of his business-first approach to governing and further enhancing the climate for corporate profit in Georgia. But the watchdog media has neglected to note the trade-offs he has made. Or the trusting conservative voters he has betrayed by ignoring campaign promises.

Surprising few political insiders, illegal immigration seems to have dropped off of the Governor’s radar since Election Day, 2018. 

The left-leaning Georgia Budget and Policy Institute says Georgia is home to more “undocumented workers” than green card holders. DHS says we host more illegals than Arizona. A recent IRS/ICE raid in metro-Atlanta on six supermarkets resulted in the arrest of forty-six illegal alien workers and the seizure of boxes of employment and tax records.

This, despite state laws passed nearly every year since 2006 to make Georgia inhospitable to illegal immigration. The regulations in place - including state’s the E-Verify laws - would serve the intended purpose if they were actually enforced -- or even noted by Gov. Kemp.

Georgians should realize that most illegal immigration is a direct result of illegal employment and must be recognized as the organized crime that it is. Kemp is silent on the entire issue. 

“Business friendly” is a term that is counter to “pro-enforcement” on immigration. Dalton conservatives have their own problems closer to home in that Republican state Senator Chuck Payne has pledged his allegiance to the billionaire-funded anti-enforcement group ‘’ that lobbies in Washington D.C. and the state Capitol. Payne has described his work with the group as “a moral imperative and a political obligation to my constituents and the health of our country and economy.”

Conservative voters who can remember back to the summer of 2018 may recall “Brian Kemp’s Track and Deport Plan” which was an extremely detailed campaign promise aimed at illegal aliens who commit additional crimes. “As governor, conservative businessman Brian Kemp will create a comprehensive database to track criminal aliens in Georgia.  He will also update Georgia law to streamline deportations from our jails and prisons” went the pledge. We challenge readers to find any mention of any of this from the governor -- or the Georgia media -- since he was elected.

All this is yet another brilliant example of “silence is consent” and will continue until GOP voters find the courage to challenge the governor and the business lobby that has taken over the Gold Dome. 

D.A. King


King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society, which advocates for immigration enforcement.