MP fan John Ricketson has a creative way of showing his befuddlement with poor refereeing at football games. (File photo/Will Davis)

To the Editor: 

Neither of the elected officials that sat in the office of the Secretary of State (Handel or Kemp) knew where the correct border between Monroe County and Bibb County was located, despite years of fact-finding, hearings, testimony, and court cases. Not so for the citizens if Bibb County, they know exactly where the border is and drive right into Monroe County to dump their trash on the side of the road. Despite the best efforts of citizens that regularly pick up trash on the right-of-ways, the onslaught continues. Last Saturday night was no exception, ........... when someone had an extra broken refrigerator and 55 gallon drum full of trash, they headed up New Forsyth Road and made their contribution. 

The worst offender on New Forsyth Road, from the county line all the way to Pate Road, remains Mr. Marlboro Light. Judging from the number of discarded cigarette packs on the side of the road each week, this guy smokes more than any of the stacks at Plant Scherer.  I guess the thing that will stop him is lung cancer.  If anybody knows who this is, ........... please ask him to stop.

John Ricketson

South Monroe County