To the Editor: 

I would like to respond to the letter in last week’s Reporter concerning Tammie Pierson. I have been working with her on a couple of projects over the past year. She is very professional in her job function. If she does not have an answer to your question, she will research it or call someone who has the answer while you are there. Once, she called someone whom I needed to talk with, and I met this person twenty minutes later at the site. She has never failed to provide and expedite the required service in a timely manner. Tammie Pierson lives in Monroe County. Her family has long been established here. I grew up in a small town much like Forsyth. Many people (myself included) lived in the county and worked in town. In rural America, it is a combination of city and county that makes up the community. Tammie Pierson and her family provide agricultural products for America. Yoga provides entertainment for a very small elite portion of the community. I think that Tammie is serving her community in a very positive manner.

Edd Hart