Dennis Smith

To the Editor: 

Must have been a small person who set up the Mary Persons class room the other day that ended up dooming three HEALTHY, involved students to being quarantined with no involvement with school activities (“Parents, doctor protest school quarantine policy”, page 1A, Sept. 12 Reporter). Perhaps that person was using their little feet to measure rather than a ruler. Or upon being caught for not knowing that there are 12” to a foot, not 11” turned themselves in for making a mistake as opposed to covering one up. And, big boss Dr. Mike Hickman had already openly indicated that the school system could not exactly carry out all the social distancing separation requirements. And, since their face was covered by a mask just didn’t feel as though they would have any chance of having a Covid problem. But they really have caused one of major importance. Why in the world did they make the report, and were all the desks separated by only five feet five inches... get the idea?

Well, if the school system is so willing to allow its students to hug, rub, cradle one another playing football and then go home to hug mom and dad and even a girlfriend and be cavalier about the protocols it is following to provide a healthy learning environment for the in the light of day can it take such a “gutless” approach in administering the decision that slammed the trust of these three students and has caused their classmates to shake their hands in dismay.

It is about time that Monroe County School Board and Administration pick the exact rules they are following and live up to the commitment. If the exposure guidelines are going to be strictly enforced, the other guidelines should also be enforced. Quit passing the buck. Accept responsibility. Remember the CDC is a government agency that is currently under scrutiny because of its windsocking on Covid related decisions and the Monroe County Health Department is a great place to get a vaccination, but hardly a place I would trust to make heavy weighted decisions.

And no, this is not to be chalked up as a positive learning experience.

Dennis Smith