Sugar modeled for the Reporter in December 2015 to help promote Shop Small Saturday in Forsyth

To the Editor: 

My little dog, Sugar, just passed away. I loved her for 17 years, and I miss her. She had been with me since she was six months old. 

I saw her on a Save A Pet segment on TV and called Pat Corley, the director of Save A Pet, and told her I wanted her. Pat told me someone else was looking at Sugar, but if they didn’t take her she was mine. Pat brought her to me. She was a great pleasure and really made me happy. 

Thank you to Pat. She deserves a crown with many stars. She has so much love for both people and animals. Our community is so lucky to have someone like her and many of the others who work with her at Save A Pet. It’s a no-kill shelter, and they’ve worked hard so it’s paid for. I’m so grateful for Pat Corley and for what she does.

Sugar passed away by my chair. I’m going to plant a tree in my yard that will bloom in memory of her.

Carolyn Brown