Man, Towaliga Tina and I are enjoying this cooler weather, and even the rain. After the drought of September and October, it will be a while before I complain about rain again. Thank you Jesus. It would be nice if we could blame the second-half rain for our Bulldogs’ loss to West Laurens on Friday. But we can’t. The Raiders were just better this year --- much better. Speaking of trying not to complain about things, it would be a good time to remember that our Bulldogs went five years without losing a game in Region 2-AAAA. That’s pretty darn special. Word on the street is that Coach Nelson had to take care of a few attitudes on the team after Friday’s loss, and some starters may have even quit the team. That MAY make it harder for the Bulldogs to beat Perry and Howard in our final two regular season games that will determine whether we can get a home playoff game. On the other hand, sometimes the removal of some attitude problems can improve morale to the point that the team plays better even without a few “star” players. We shall see on Friday. Adios amigos!