Would El Tejado Mexican Restaurant or even the finally-under-way Zaxby’s have to find new locations whenever the DOT gets around to building those promised truck-only lanes on I-75 north? That’s the scuttlebutt around town. My insider Zaxby’s buddy, let’s call him Chicken Man, points out that it sure would be expensive if the state decided to buy right-of-way along the interstate all the way from Macon to McDonough. Imagine the expensive commercial real estate it would have to condemn at market price. Chicken Man also pointed out that the original plan was to put the truck lanes in the median. The DOT sent out a letter last week saying that environmental studies are underway and that they expect to approve a concept for the truck lanes in 2020. A noise assessment would be done in 2021 (here’s a hint: it will be louder). The DOT also says it will have a public forum on the lanes in the fall of 2020. If they want to attract a good crowd, maybe they should let El Tejado and Zaxby’s cater it. It’s the least they could do. The project manager is Matthew Fowler, who can be reached at 404-631-1777 or If you have questions, let him know, 10-4?