Well Norfolk Southern railroad was kind enough to stop traffic all day in Forsyth on Monday to make “improvements” to the main rail crossing in town at the top of Hamburger Hill, aka Lee Street. All the local tire and alignment shops thank the railroad for its effort to increase their business, because whatever improvements they made, the crossing now seems rougher than ever, requiring four wheel drive. I’m told they’re gonna come back and finish all the crossings later. Meanwhile, up in High Falls, a movie crew blocked another popular thoroughfare, the High Falls hiking trails, to film more of the new Apple TV series, “Amazing Stories.” That’s the show they were filming at the Monroe County courthouse a few weeks ago. I guess we’ll all have to figure out how to watch Apple TV if we want to see Monroe County on the silver screen (or iPad, whatever). Back here in Forsyth, they’ve finished putting a drive-through window on the old 478 Country Buffet for when it opens at Georgia Bob’s BBQ. Yep, the football team may be done, but there’s a lot going on in ole Forsyth. See you at the Christmas parade on Thursday!