Well you’ve got to hand it to the Monroe County big wigs. They waited until the hottest week of the year to announce that they had landed a new industry (see the front page), a refrigerated warehouse. I don’t know about you, but who’s gonna oppose a refrigerated warehouse in Monroe County when it’s 100 degrees outside? I mean I’m pretty set with my retirement check, but I may go work there myself since Towaliga Tina won’t let me put the thermostat below 74 degrees. If I can make money AND enjoy 40 degree temperatures all day, well sign me up! Speaking of the heat, I feel sorry for them boys on the Mary Persons football team right now going at it in the heat. Coach Brian Nelson has already done a good job tamping down expectations after we lost almost the whole team to graduation from last year. Macon sports radio host Bill Shanks asked Nellie what he’s doing to adjust to having so few experienced players starting. “We’re working on the punt team a LOT!” joked Nelson. Or was he joking? Guess we’ll find out starting this Friday night with a scrimmage against Southwest. One thing we already found out in this week’s edition is that our local governments are NOT raising taxes. I repeat, not raising taxes. Hey we’re pretty tough on our local politicos, deservedly so, but let’s not forget to give them plaudits when they live within their means without taking even more out of our wallets. Bravo!