Joe Reed

Joe Reed

To the Editor:

“What should I do?” That’s what I asked Reporter columnist Sloan Oliver at Saturday’s Bicentennial street concert after giving him my side of the situation. Because we don’t necessarily agree on politics, but have been able to find areas where we do agree, I thought that Sloan might be able to help me. Maybe you can, too. Here’s the situation.

I have a neighbor, Jon, whose property I must pass at least twice a day. Jon doesn’t actually live there. His parents live next door. There’s no house on his property. There are a number of cars, pickups, trailers and other vehicles parked and, in some cases, inoperable. I think it’s an eyesore. But Lamar County officials, where the property is actually located, aren’t as stringent as Monroe County officials, for whom I am grateful. But that’s not my problem.

Jon proudly declares himself to be one of Hillary Clinton’s “proudly deplorable” citizens. I suspect he voted for Donald Trump. He has a sign posted proclaiming “Trump Won – Democrats Cheated”. The fact that no one has discovered how Democrats might have cheated and that they weren’t efficient enough to change the tallies for any locally elected Republican officials is beyond him. It appears to be beyond several other Trumpeters at the Perry event as well, but I’ll leave that for another day. I didn’t vote for Trump or Biden. I thought our country could do better than two old, white men. So his sign doesn’t bother me. I support free speech. That’s not my problem.

My problem is the large flag Jon flies that proudly proclaims, “F--k Biden”. My neighbors and I, our children and grandchildren, and those on the Monroe County school bus have to drive past Jon’s house to get in and out of our neighborhood, sometimes several times a day. Jon doesn’t care. He says he cares about those who litter, speed, and complain about his unsightly property and wants them all to stop. At least Jon and I agree on two out of three.

Sloan and I also agree about free speech and responsible speech. We care about what our children and grandchildren see and hear. While Sloan doesn’t support President Biden, I know he wouldn’t display such a sign.

I’ve written Jon and politely asked him to remove his flag. He replied, “I have no intention of taking down my flag in the interest of being decent. I’m proudly deplorable.” Here, Jon and I agree again. So, that’s my problem. Suggestions? Email me at

Joe Reed

High Falls