Don Daniel

By the time you will have read this, Forsyth’s city council will have (maybe so)  considered by resolution requiring face coverings in public buildings. Wonder if that resolution covers county buildings? Then they will consider requiring face coverings in privately owned buildings. Didn’t know they could infringe on a privately owned businesses but I guess the powers that be are the powers that think they can be. 

Since Forsyth’s mayor had an attack of COVID-19 and survived, he must be leading the crusade to make sure no-body else gets the virus. Hey, the Forsyth CVB could put up billboard on the interstate promoting Forsyth as “The Masked Town. Wear Your Mask and Visit Our Historic Downtown On The Way To Juliette Where They Filmed Fried Green Tomatoes”. 


YOU KNOW Fall is on the way when the MP Bulldogs begin playing football, although delayed, this Friday night playing at McDonough. Wonder if everybody is going to be required to wear a mask? Will the BOE require them at home games? I think they are only “highly recommended”.


FOR THIS newspaper to have to pay the Monroe County Board of Education over $300 for open records to provide you the taxpayer with information that should have been public on the computer network outage this past January is totally absurd! And then for the BOE to pay a Washington, D.C. public relations firm “about” $25,000 to manage “ the public damage results is again absurd both personifying arrogance and to hell with parents, the public and this newspaper.

I am sure the BOE defense is what they have been saying: It was covered by “our” insurance”. Hello, it is our taxes that pay for the insurance. Hey, I think I will ask the BOE chairman how much we pay for this insurance. We have already had to pay rather huge insurance deductibles of $10,000, which is public money.

Gotta get over this rant before I get more ranter. 


LOOKS LIKE BOTH City of Forsyth and the county are going to “toe the line” on property taxes. Forsyth is a lot more conservative when it comes to spending taxpayer money. But just about every week, the county seems to be on a spending spree for something new to replace what is worn out. 

The latest tax payer paying “check run” (amount paid) included a $13,250 check paid to Faithful Guardian Training Center for two education and training for Jeffrey Williams and Ashley Gregory. Assume they are firefighters or EMTs.

Believe this or not, Ham’s Auto Parts & Supply was paid only $375.76 and O’Reilly Auto Parts got a $1,718.19 check.

Only 15 checks were written totaling $26,722.41.

Here are few unattributed County Commissioner comments:

• “Make sure when you speak---we need to get in that habit”

• “This is my question”

• “This may be an easy answer”

• “Back of a napkin”

• “I was a negotiator at that time”

  “Just thinking down the road”

• “I’m just gonna throw this out there”

• “We theoretically….”

• “My thought process”, and

• “the whole nine yards”. 


THE MONROE County Dive Team found a car, unexpectedly, while practice diving and rescue training in Lake Juliette. That is the answer to last week’s The Question but there were no correct timely answers. So here’s The Question for this week: Thieves stole a truck, trailer and other vehicles from a former who? First correct answer after 12 noon on Thursday gets the goodie certificate: a dozen Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen Blizzard, Whistle Stop fried green tomato appetizer, slice of Shoney’s strawberry pie, singe scoop at Scoops, slice of Jonah’s Pizza and a Forsyth Main Street t-shirt.


NO CORRECT guesses to the local elected official who angrily told me “do not talk to me”. Maybe I should invite him to lunch at either Grits or Fox City. Doubt he would even courteously respond and will continue to hide behind his egotism. 

Very apropos definition from The Devil’s Dictionary of “Low bred: adj.” “Raised” instead of “brought up”. Here’s one more: “Hatred, n. A sentiment appropriate to the occasion of another’s superiority.”


I DON’T promote out-of-county businesses, but I am making  an exception because Yahola Creek Restaurant up in Indian Springs has a local flavor. Trason Buff is the son of Denise and Tracy Buff of Forsyth and is the bartender/waiter up at the restaurant. Good food and open on Friday and Saturday evenings and for the after church crowd on Sundays. Give us a honk up here in Blount on your way to some good food and drinks.


FIRST TIME in a long time that I was not in a field on opening day of dove season. Got no invitations. My sons and grandsons had a successful “shooting” from the pictures I have seen. In the past, with my uncles and my sons, dove season opening was a rite of growing up. Glad to see my grandsons in the field. 

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