Over the past five-plus years this monthly column has been dedicated toward promoting the excellent talent and entertainment presented in our small middle Georgia town. With pride we can point to our modern, well-designed, 1,300-seat Board of Education Fine Arts Center that showcases our elementary through high school bands, choruses, and stage productions. On some nights, professional entertainers who once enjoyed the bright lights of bigger markets, or those new stars who are climbing the ladder toward their own success, share their talents with us.  

Six or seven times a year our Backlot Players Guild entertains us in the cozy 160-seat, historically restored Rose Theater. Nationally-known stage plays are presented by members of our very own community theater group in a manner that leaves the audience with a true “Broadway-like” experience.   

Forsyth and Monroe County Georgia are blessed to have these two great entertainment resources as vibrant parts of our community. Good entertainment at reasonable prices make our community the envy of many others across Georgia. Life is good as we know it in our local world of entertainment. But wait, there are some possible storm clouds gathering.

Both the State of Georgia Senate and House have drafted versions of legislation that would permit the amending of the State’s Constitution to allow Brick and Mortar casinos with proceeds to benefit the HOPE scholarship. (Note: HR 327 and SB 184 are the two legislative actions referenced. Debate continues whether or not the proceeds will go solely to the HOPE Scholarship or to other social/human services programs.)