nursing home workers

Two local charities have setup a fund to raise money for healthcare workers at local nursing homes who’ve been on the frontlines in the battle with COVID. Above, Forsyth activist Jimmy Owens is shown with local nursing home workers during a worship service held at a Forsyth nursing home.

Monroe County Outreach ministries and Mission “N” Action Ministries are working to compensate local essential health care workers who are often low-paid and undervalued although essential. In addition to doctors and nurses, the medical industry includes housekeeping, maintenance, dietary, nursing assistants, patient care techs and administrators, among others.

These local ministries, with the support of city and county officials and concerned citizens, want to make sure the heroism and dignity of these essential health care workers aren’t overlooked. The goal is to keep these workers safe on the job, compensate them with hazardous pay/financial incentives, support them and give them respect and appreciation.

The help of the whole community is needed. Support the cause financially with a donation to “Forsyth Nursing Home Fund” at Robins Financial Credit Union, 76 E. Johnston Street, Forsyth or CASHApp ($FNHF111).

For more information, contact Jimmy Owens at 478-394-3171 or Minister Patricia Edge at 478-733-8231.