MCMS cross country finishes 1-2-3 in meet


The Cross country team for Monroe County Middle School is a hard running squad of 15 people: Justin Wachtel, Keith Posey, Jon Thomas Smith (we call him J.T.), Kent Mantle, Evan Miller, Aaron Thompson and Connor Battles a.k.a. Me. Then there are the girls: Christina Medlin, Ava Mckallip, Sara Boyer, Maradeth Leverette, Stormy Martin, Adrianne Johnson, Maelea Sanders and Caroline Hampton. We are a champion team that hasn’t lost a meet, all led by our outstanding coach Carlos Sanchez. We had a meet (race) on August 30, and we dominated. Justin Wachtel came in first with the time of 12:05, Keith Posey came in second with the time of 13:30 and then I came in third with the time of 13:58. The girls also scored just as amazingly. All in all we scored a 29 which definitely set a personal record promising a good season. Come support the MCMS cross country team!