Sloan Oliver

Sloan Oliver reading the Reporter while floating in the Dead Sea. Rabbi Damian Eisner floats in the background.


Israel has a calling to Jews, Christians, and anyone interested in history. For many, a Holy Land visit is a bucket list event. For most of our lives, many of us heard the biblical stories, learned the lessons of God’s relationship with the Jews, and read the Gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. Last month, my wife and I joined SHALOMACON, a Messianic Jewish synagogue, led by Rabbi Damian Eisner, located on New Forsyth Road in Bolingbroke, for a 10-day visit (12-days with travel) to Israel. It was my second visit to the country, my wife’s first. For several reasons, I got much more out of this visit than my visit 30 years ago. First, I went with my wife and experienced her “Awe” as she walked the same terrain that Abraham, David, and Jesus did. Second, I have a much better understanding of the Bible – both Old and New Testament than I did back then. Finally, I have a much better understanding of history than I did previously.