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To the Editor:

I attended the Mary Persons game this Friday night at Peach County and it is official...Mary Persons now has the worst sports facilities in the region.  The new facilities at Peach County are a great indicator of how far behind we are.  I am not just talking about football facilities.  Dan Pitts Stadium was probably a state of the art high school stadium when it was built, but it is in need of an total upgrade.  I understand that you may not want to put turf on Dan Pitts but maybe turf a soccer field that could double as a practice field?  Turf the baseball field so that our kids don’t have to find other fields to train on while they seed the baseball field.  Last year our baseball field was shut down for ten weeks due to seeding the field.  That has to be the longest delay in the country.  This year it was shut down on Sept. 30 and the back stop replacement and seed process did not start until Oct. 14.