Will Davis

“If we met the Pilgrims today, we probably wouldn’t like them very much.”

The words hit me like a wave of cold sea water heaving over the gunwale of The Mayflower. My 8 year old and I were watching a documentary about the Pilgrims last week. He loves movies. I love history. So we compromised. The words were uttered by some history professor, probably another left winger wearing a tweed jacket with patches on the elbows. You know the type. But it jarred me because he was right. Oh, I have long revered our nation’s Founders, the Pilgrims. I have been to the coastal town of Plymouth, England and seen where they shoved off Old Blighty headed for the New World.  But as a modern American fattened by affluence and ease of life, I realize to my shame the professor was probably right. It makes us worldlings uncomfortable to be around people so committed to their God that they sacrifice everything for Him.